The brownie thought… here is a little treat on healthy to which I had not yet succumbed. I can tell you that I will have to succumb to it earlier, because this thing is really a killer… no, no I’m not exaggerating ! The base consists of dates medjols, nuts and raw cacao… only good things, and as a bonus no sugar and no fat added, yes, I’m trying to keep you in shape (and me too) before the debacle caloric holiday season of the end of the year !!! The brownie cru is therefore a perfect companion for pick up a bit of energy without feeling, it is also a base to “force” her to eat more healthy. And then to go with, I made a small chocolate mousse raw, which I will reveal to you the recipe soon.

Perfect at breakfast or as a snack (who said that the sample was restricted to children ?!!!) served with a good smoothie, for example.

Brownie raw

For a flat square Save Print Ingredients

  • 500 g of dates medjols
  • 100 g cashew nuts
  • 50 g of hazelnuts
  • 50 g raw cacao
  • 1 pinch of salt



  • Pit the dates and then place in a blender.
  • Add the cashew nuts, raw cacao and salt and then mix until you obtain a paste.
  • Finish by adding the hazelnuts and mix again roughly.
  • Spread the preparation obtained in a flat square.
  • Refrigerate 30 minutes and enjoy.

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