The chicken curry and coconut milk, this is the kind of recipe that I used to carry a few years ago, when I started working. In fact, before this blog, I had a period where I was cooking as asian dishes. It is true that this little cooking blog has allowed me to vary my diet. I’m not saying that I did not enjoy this period at the bottom in the kitchen, but there is so much to cooking as it is more awesome to vary.

Anyway, the urge gripped me to make me a little chicken curry and coconut milk, which I embellished with seasonal vegetables that I had in my fridge. The result was super good and well balanced. In addition, as they are not vegetables with tastes too strong, which tend to cover the taste of other foods, they are perfectly married in green curry and coconut milk.

Chicken curry and coconut milk

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  • 2 chicken cutlets 350 g minced
  • 40 cl of coconut milk
  • 1 small eggplant
  • 1 zucchini
  • 1 tomato
  • 2 small onions,
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1 teaspoon curry paste-green
  • 1/2 teaspoon of coriander seeds
  • 1 tablespoon peanut oil or sunflower
  • salt and pepper



  • In a fact-any, cook the sliced onions with the oil. Add the garlic and small pieces of chicken and brown all sides. Book then in a bowl.
  • In the same container, fry the eggplant and zucchini cut into small pieces, until the vegetables have browned. Then add the tomato cut into small cubes, and réincorporez the mix chicken and onion.
  • Add the coconut milk, the green curry, the spices and season to your liking.
  • Cook, covered, for 20 minutes over low heat, stirring occasionally, and serve with white rice, for example.


You have seen the small branch of coriander ? In fact, I had planted a foot in my garden and it has just 2 or 3 days without attention on my part for it to go to seed, the slut. Suddenly, she has very well decorated my small flat, but it was also very well flavored. Be careful when you take a bite because this is not always very pleasant to bite into a seed of coriander, the taste is quite strong. If you have the change, like me, have them in the house, leave the seeds on the stems, it will be easier to remove at the time of serving.
Bon appetit and bon voyage to your tastebuds !

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