We are right in the heart of the summer and today it’s a recipe for summer drink, of course, that I offer you with this cocktail without alcohol in the cranberries and lemon green. It is a bit of a drink, detox and good health that I offer you here ! And yes, the lemon and the cranberries have properties quite interesting in this season…

So, with this cocktail without alcohol with cranberries and lime, it is said almost goodbye to the months of July and preparations are already in the month of August. As it goes life… (sounds like my grandmother talking), but it is true ! Last year, in the month of August, I was getting into, only adventure blog after 3 years to co-blogging and it’s been 1 year ! But above all, I think the time has passed particularly quickly for me this year because we expect a happy event for the beginning of September and I am starting to (almost) my last month of pregnancy… I am so happy and at the same time, I’m really this huge change in our lives ! I imagine that it must be the same for any and all…

Cocktail without alcohol with cranberries and lime green {detox}

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  • Juice of cranberries
  • Sparkling water such as Perrier
  • 1/2 lime
  • 3 ice cubes



  • In a large glass, pour in up to 1/3 of juice of cranberries, add the juice of the green lemon and the ice cubes.
  • Then, fill the rest of the glass with the sparkling water and serve !
  • It is all about !


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