On hot summer days, we use a lot of liquid and most often drink from the store, so widely advertised on TV. But did you wonder about the benefits of these drinks?  You can even tell them about the dangers, because their composition is a lot of sugar and other no less harmful ingredients, from which you want to drink even more. Now I would like to tell you about a very unusual beverage for a hot time of the year, it is cucumber water.

This water not only quenches your thirst, it also helps to lose weight and speed up the metabolic processes in the body. This invigorating drink appeared thanks to Cynthia Sass and was named “water Sassy (Sassy water)”. In addition, cucumber water improves the appearance of hair, nails and skin, which is very important in the summer. The composition of water consists of available and inexpensive ingredients that cannot afford to any person.

Some useful and healthy information about cucumbers

Cucumbers have many useful properties:

  • Cucumbers are an excellent source of potassium, copper, zinc, calcium, manganese and phosphorus.
  • They contain tartronic acid, which prevents the conversion of carbohydrates into eaten fat.
  • Cucumber fiber stimulates digestion and promotes food through the gastrointestinal tract, adsorbing and excreted from the body toxins, waste products and excess salt, which creates swelling.
  • Cucumber juice is an excellent natural remedy, has a slight diuretic effect.
  • Cucumbers are low-calorie (only 15 calories), which makes them a great product for weight loss.
  • The use of cucumber helps to normalize the acid-alkaline balance, which is often disrupted due to excessive presence in the diet of protein.
  • Cucumbers have the ability to reduce toothache and gum disease.
  • Green vegetables are also helpful for arthritis and hypertension.
  • Cucumber mask whitens the skin well, tones and smoothers the skin and cleanses it, and tightens pores.
  • Cucumber juice mixed with honey, has an excellent expectorant and bactericidal action, which contributes to effective treatment of cold and cough.

Useful properties of cucumber water

Doctors always advised to fill the plate as much as possible with plenty of greenery. Now they offer to do the same thing with a glass! Water is the most important drink of those that we can nourish our body. The fact that our body is 60% of water; it is enough to understand the importance of this beverage in our lives. Today, soft drinks, wine and beer replaced this basic nutrient, but we have enough reason to return to the natural ways of survival.

Cucumber water

Cold fresh lemonade with cucumber and ice

Some people find it difficult to drink the required amount of water each day. Some people do not feel strong enough for this thirst, while others do not like to eat anything tasteless. The fact is that something having always taste enhances thirst and facilitates use of the desired amount of water, which is about 2 liters per day! Thus, refreshing, soothing and mild flavor of cucumbers provides all the conditions that guarantee the penetration of useful fluid in your stomach. In all of this, you will surely be interested in cucumber water even more when you find out what benefits it can bring to your health. So, cucumber water has the following useful properties:

  • It promotes weight loss. Who does not want to learn a safe way to reduce weight in todays congested of carbohydrates and fats world where unhealthy food predominates over the organic? If you find it difficult to reject of flavored carbonated beverages and use those instead of good old-fashioned, but tasteless water, try cucumber water. A study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health shows that replacing the 350-mL serving of a carbonated beverage with fruit taste by a glass of cucumber water, you consume 125 fewer calories! This means that the transition on cucumber water does not require any effort and allows you to lose about 7 kilograms per year. What are you waiting for?
  • It helps with hangover. The weekend ends, and Monday comes soon. However, many of us are still tormented by a terrible headache, though we pretend all the time spent waiting for work at home! If you are in a similar predicament, take a bit of cucumber water (we already know that it is easy to prepare it) and drink. Cucumbers contain a lot of vitamins and electrolytes, which help to eliminate the effects of alcohol exposure.
  • It serves as a natural anti-aging drink. Turn a little cucumber water to your daily diet and you will see how your skin becomes fresher. Cucumbers contain nutrients that are necessary for fighting skin against free radicals and injury. There is vitamin C in them, which copes with the task of rejuvenation of the skin, and gives it the soft elasticity, which features a full life, fresh skin. According to the Live strong Foundation, one cup of sliced ​​cucumbers has 3.8 grams of vitamin C.
  • It accelerates the healing process. Vitamin C keeps skin healthy because it contributes to the healing process, but its impact is not confined to the skin! Furthermore, cucumber and other peel contains healing agent, vitamin K. This also contributes to the healing of injuries and moreover improves blood circulation in the body. As we all know, the blood flow ensures the delivery of oxygen to various parts of the body and supports the health and functionality. In addition, cucumber water is rich in vitamins A and B, so it strengthens the immune system, allowing us to stay healthy and vigorous.
  • It helps to fight cancer. Cucumbers are considered one of the most excellent nutritional supplements, particularly when it comes to combat cancer. All this is due to the presence of laritsirezinol, pinorezinol and secoisolariciresinol in them. These are the substances that according to research play an important role in reducing the risk of developing the disease.
  • It improves bone health. The reason that the cucumbers are useful for bone is the presence in them of vitamin K. It is believed that vitamin K activates proteins that form the healthy bone tissue. Further, they say that due to the content of silica cucumber water strengthens joint health and alleviation of the symptoms of bone disorders such as arthritis and gout.
  • It eliminates bad breath. How many chewing gums a day do you eat to avoid the embarrassment caused by bad breath? Here’s a way to get rid of this problem, irritating odor. By drinking cucumber water, just stick a slice of cucumber in the sky for about 45 seconds. Cucumbers contain phytochemicals, which help to eliminate bad breath. The juice of this fruit helps in the treatment of gum disease. In some cases, bad breath can be related to problems in the gastrointestinal tract, and cucumbers provide a smooth flow of the process of digestion.
  • It helps to fight heart disease, high cholesterol, obesity and diabetes. As we mentioned earlier, cucumber water is very low in calories: less than 50, then add to it one cucumber. If you take the cucumber slices, it turns out no more than 5 calories. This makes the cucumber water to be an excellent drink for weight loss. Since obesity is associated with elevated cholesterol levels, heart problems and diabetes, which means that consuming the drink, can avoid all these troubles health. Apart from the fact that very little water cucumber calories it contains sterols, which also helps to reduce the level of bad cholesterol. It is known that present in cucumbers hormone that helps the pancreas to produce insulin. In addition to everything else, this green gift of nature contains potassium, which helps control blood pressure and regulates heart function.
  • It provides a smooth functioning of the body. What makes the cucumber water to be a wonderful product is the fact that it allows you to use as a beverage, both water and useful nutrients! Water provides entry into tissue oxygen they need, and when it contains also potassium, it stimulates the proper functioning of the cells and muscles. Cucumbers are also known to contribute the lowering of the uric acid level, thereby maintaining kidney health. Some sources even claim that prolonged use of cucumber water helps to dissolve kidney stones. This is probably because it possesses antiviral and antibacterial properties which allow flush toxins from the body. Water fills the liquid supply in each cell of an organism, providing it with a smooth operation as a whole.
  • It improves the condition of hair, nails and skin. We have already said that the cucumber water helps to keep the skin glowing, supple and well hydrated. However, this wonderful drink also improves the condition of your hair and nails. It is said that the cucumbers contained in silica and sulfur are useful for accelerating hair growth. It is known that silicon dioxide and helps in the treatment of brittle nails. Therefore, if you are concerned about this problem, this drink is definitely for you.

So, here are 10 reasons to reject beer or fizzy drinks and to begin consuming the refreshing cucumber water. Your feelings are updated, taste buds will be delighted, breathing becomes fresh and the body will benefit tremendously. You can stick to the traditional recipe cooking cucumber water, above, or add to it other useful ingredients such as carrot juice, spinach juice, or even a bit of freshly squeezed orange juice. Be healthy!

Recipes of cucumber water

To prepare cucumber water at home, you will need the following ingredients:

Cucumber water

  • water (filtered or mineral water without gas) – 10 glasses,
  • cucumber (large) – 1 piece,
  • lemon or lime (average) – 1 piece,
  • ginger (grated) – 1 tbsp. a spoon,
  • fresh mint leaves – 1 handful.

Proper preparation of the life-giving waters of cucumber: First you need to wash the cucumber and lemon, also need to wash and dry mint leaves. Then the cucumber should be cut into thin slices with peel, as it is in it, and contains all the nutrients. Chop the cucumber into thin slices. Crumple dry mint leaves to get more flavor and taste. Pour the water into a big jar and add to it grated ginger root. Thoroughly mix. Then add the trampled down mint leaves, stir again and then add the prepared cucumber and lemon. Thoroughly mix all and cover with a lid. Now send the container of water in the fridge for 12 hours. After that the water must be strained. Drink it during the day.

Cucumber lemon water.


  • 200 ml. water;
  • 2 cucumbers;
  • 1 lemon;
  • A bundle of mint.

Cut one cucumber into rings. Cut the lemon off onto 3-4 rings. Thoroughly wash the mint leaves. Second cucumber should be rubbed on a fine grater. Then put the mass in a glass. After that, put lemon, cucumber and mint in the glass. Fill in with the water. Stir the drink with a spoon or a straw for drink. Garnish the drink with lemon and cucumber. Put the beverage in a cool place for 10-15 minutes, the taste will be disclosed in due course. This is a very nice, soft to taste drink that will appeal even to children and can be a good alternative to sweet drinks, fruit drinks, fruit smoothies and cold teas.

Lemon cucumber

Cucumber lemon water

Cucumber diet for a week

This method of weight loss is an ideal option for people who want to not only lose weight but also to clean your bowels and improve skin condition. During such diet do not have to starve, and you can even pick up a very varied menu. Cucumber diet involves eating fresh cucumber, low-fat meats, seafood, boiled fish, rice and various vegetables. Sample menu cucumber diet for one day is as follows:

  • Breakfast: cottage cheese and cucumber mash, green tea with a slice of bread from wheat flour.
  • Second breakfast: 10 peanuts, grapefruit.
  • Lunch: boiled meat, cold kefir, cucumber soup, green tea.
  • Afternoon snack: cucumber salad, lettuce and cheese “feta”.
  • Dinner: salad of radishes, cucumbers and eggs, fish steamed green tea.


Written by Elizabeth R. Wheeler

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