As you know, we’re in the middle of the season for citrus, so I am sure you will agree with me when I tell you that you should take advantage of !!!
One of these last weekend, I was able to receive friends at the home, and I know that one of them was very fond of jams. He can almost eat a jar a breakfast… But there was a problem, I was almost out of stock (I still am). By chance, I had at home a fruit basket full of various citrus fruits. So I launched into the making of this delicious cream with citrus fruit, or curd with citrus, which seems to have been a great success. Phew, I was saved… It only remains for me to make jam now. I will wait for the summer fruits…

Curd and citrus

To 1 small pot Save Print Ingredients

  • 1 lemon (organic/non-processed)
  • Grapefruit: 1 grapefruit (organic/non-processed)
  • 3 oranges (organic/non-processed)
  • 70 g of sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tbsp of cornflour



  • Wash all citrus fruits, zestez oranges and lemon and squeeze them all. Put the juice and the zest together in a saucepan.
  • Pour the sugar and Cornflour sieved while stirring, and heat over low heat.
  • Beat the egg in a separate container. Once beaten, add the juice in the pan without stirring.
  • Cook over a low heat while continuing to stir using a whisk. The mixture should begin to thicken.
  • Be careful to always stir when the egg is added, because the lemon cream could attach !
  • Remove from heat and place in jar.
  • Let cool, and store in the fridge before serving.


You can serve this curd with a citrus fruit as a jam at breakfast, or in a yogurt…

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