For those that need to pass drug tests in order to work. Often have a dilemma, do I feed my habit or pass the test? All drugs both manmade and natural have a second shelf life. Where the drug residuals will remain in your system long after you have taken In the drug. This is why you can still show a positive result long after. For the standard drug tests that many employers use you can use a process of detoxification to cleanse your system.

What is a drug test?

Simply put a drug test is a system of finding out of an individual has used drugs. For some tests this is for the past few days or months. While others want to go back for years. There are different kinds of drug tests, you can only detoxify for the basic test. The other tests require full rehabilitation and staying clean to pass.

How to detoxify for a drug test

The idea is simple you use foods and liquids to cleanse your system. The issue is with the stronger drugs you will have extra problems on top of just passing the drug test. Those drugs often have severe withdrawal symptoms that go with them. This is why those drugs are so hard to keep away from.  In many cases it is dangerous physically for you to just stop taking the drugs long enough to pass the drug test. They often have to be weaned off the drug which will still show a positive result. I will also explain later how you can use the process of detoxification with rehabilitation to keep you drug free should you decide to remain clean.

Drug test

Be free from marijuana!

While I understand some just use drugs recreationally so the level they use it is not as high. The withdrawal symptoms are still going to be evident. Which is why so many go from doing drugs once and a while to doing them all the time. They become the addict we think of. The person that will do anything to get a fix of their drug. This is why we have rehabilitation centers. The habit is so hard to stop by yourself, it is best that you do it under a doctor’s orders. The use of detoxification is fine many doctors encourage it. In many of the high end rehabilitation centers they use detoxification hand in hand with the therapy and medications. The problem is that once the person is clean enough to leave they often stop. They quit doing the detoxification they were doing back at the center. So the process starts to fail, often leading to someone becoming an addict once again.

How to detoxify for Marijuana

More commonly known as weed or pot. Marijuana is a natural drug, that creates a small high. The issue with pot is that many often smoke or eat it until they end up in a semi comatose state.  The red eyed lazy person we often think of as a stoner. The good thing is weed is  easy enough to clean out of your system for a drug test. The problem is you need to stop smoking at all. For a period of at least five days before the drug test seven is the safest. The shelf life on weed is only about three or four days. The user that does it sparingly and lightly can stop for four days and be safe for the most part. You do need exactly four days, not just four days on the calendar. You need ninety six hours! You cannot just stop on a Sunday for a drug test on Wednesday. I know that seems confusing since it is technically four days. The ninety six hours is actually four days. Going by the hours allows you to make sure you have exactly the right amount of time.

Homemade detoxifier for a drug test

These detoxifiers can be used for all of the drugs, they just work for weed the best. One food that responds well to removing weed from urine is cucumber. Even better is the pickled variation. The vinegar used in the brine works very well at removing the THC chemical in weed.

On that note eating other foods pickled such as eggs, onions, peppers, and so on. Also do this same great help for removing the chemical. Many of those wanting to do a speedy detoxification of the weed will drink pickle juice for two days straight. While this process works it is not recommended! The sodium content in the brine is extremely high which messes with your system. This is why I will tell you other ways to safely detoxify. Just doing it quickly is going to hurt your body in many ways. You do not want to risk lasting kidney and liver damage because you wanted to pass the test. This is not going to be good for you in the long run.

One thing you can do that is safer is to use a detoxifying drink. Such as cucumber water. The cucumbers will still remove the THC, they do it naturally. You can consider drinking the cucumber water and eating things like the pickles or the relish. This way you are still getting the vinegar without the over saturation of sodium. You can also eat things such as salt and vinegar potato chips. They also make salt and vinegar sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. The taste of vinegar is hard for some to handle. The acidity messes with stomach issues such as ulcers.

The issue with weed is that some states have it legal to use weed for medical purposes. The problem is that while the use is legal with a prescription and a card the positive result often ends up in loss of job. The employers policy on drugs often contradicts the legal use of the weed. Only two states have changed this they are the states that have both medical and recreational use of the weed. They made employers in those states remove the loss of employment when you use weed. The only employer that is now exempt is the federal government. The federal employers also use a different drug test I will explain later.

How to detoxify from Cocaine

Also known as Coke and Blow. The use of coke is either done by snorting it up the nasal passages or by smoking it.  You can also inject the coke after it has been heated. the shelf life on this man made drug is much longer than pot. Coke residuals will stay in your system for up to fourteen days or two weeks. You need a minimum three hundred and sixty hours to get clean enough to pass a drug test.

The issue is that coke is one of the drugs that will cause you to go into withdrawal when you have not had it for a day or two. This makes many feel physically ill, gives them the jitters, cuts their sleep off and others. This is why this drug is so hard to stop once you start. The fifteen days you need to refrain from the drug use will feel like fifteen years. All you can really do is to treat the symptoms, such as cutting caffeine out while you are stopping the coke. Cutting the caffeine will lessen the jittery sensation. It also helps you to naturally sleep, you can also add melatonin. The pain many experience is best taken care of with pain relievers. The symptoms will still remain they will just be tolerable.

One thing many do while they deal with this process is to up their water intake. You can try cranberry water, the cranberries will flush the kidneys. This helps to remove the residual coke from your body. Also consider lemon water, this helps the liver get the coke toxins to flush to your kidneys. The faster you get the toxins out the faster you feel better. The problem is once you feel better it is often time to take the test. This is another time when you need to go by the hours needed which is three hundred and sixty! While drinking the water s can help shave a few hours it does not cut off enough time. What often happens is that once you pass the test you use the drug, this just reverses everything you did. You will just feel those same symptoms when you need to drug test again.

How to detoxify from Heroin

Otherwise known as Crack,  while this drug can be smoke. It is more often than not injected. You see heroin as we know it is actually a very processed version of the opium plant. You also find opiates in poppy seeds, these are the naturally occurring version. Heroin especially black tar is a very, very dangerous drug. This drug is the one that we have seen kill people when they are going through withdrawals! It is also the drug that needs a doctor to monitor you. The medication Methadone is administered to get a person clean from heroine. Morphine is the residual created by heroin, so while the main drug is flushed that remains. Morphine takes seven hundred and forty four hours to flush out. Yes it takes you a full month to flush all of the morphine out of your system for a drug test. The problem is you start by stopping the drug use fully. Within a matter of twelve hours you start the withdrawals. The issue is the one sure fire way to stop the symptoms is to use the drug. See the main problem here?

While the thinking is the same that you treat the symptoms, they are also much more severe. This is even more common with high heroin use, where the tolerance is high. One thing  to remember you cannot safely stop heroin use without the use of methadone. You also cannot use methadone without a doctor’s supervision. People do die using methadone. This is why the use of methadone is often only done with inpatient rehabilitation. Outpatient often has you using it with weekly visits to your doctor.

Methadone by default will stop the withdrawals, this is why they use it. The problem is it does not create the high sensation. The medication is also very concentrated. The high strength medication is also often confused with other liquids such as cold medicines. This is why some die they drink it thinking it is cold medicine when it is methadone. You can still overdose using the methadone. This is why you need a doctor!

For the users that are on a doctor supervised methadone treatment you can add detoxification. The process often helps you lower your natural tolerance so you need less of the methadone. While it does help remove the methadone it does not remove the heroin. Many of the users of heroin use it for the high the drug creates. When you are stopping the use. You now need to learn how to deal without the high. This is why you need therapy.  I do not recommend that you stop taking heroin so you can get clean for a drug test. I recommend you start rehabilitation i do not recommend using it as a way to pass drug tests. It is not fair to the staff as well as your family members. You need to decide which is important being clean or the heroin.

How to detoxify from Methamphetamines

Otherwise known as Meth, Ice, Speed, and Smack. This is another drug you cannot just stop to pass a drug test. The only positive thing about Meth is that you can stop one hundred and ninety two hours prior. You will still have withdrawal issues, often suicidal or homicidal. This is why it is very dangerous to do this without rehabilitation services.

homemade detox

Stay healthy!

The water flush using cranberries, lemon and cucumbers will get the meth from your system. It does take time for this process to work. The problem with meth use is that it rots your teeth. So you start to have a pretty obvious look that tells people you are a user. Weight loss is common among the three man made drugs, meth, heroin and cocaine.  If you absolutely must stop the drug use without rehabilitation services please do so at your own risk. Go slowly keeping a close attention on your mental health. You also feel the physical issues such as pain, shakes, shivers, nausea, diarrhea.

The advantages of detoxifying for a drug test

The advantages are actually very limited. The increased water usage stops you from being dehydrated. The increase in the fruits and vegetables gives you the vitamins and minerals you are often lacking. The added benefit of flushing your liver and kidneys Is just a natural bonus. The only drug test this even remotely works for is the urine test. I do not recommend the process I will explain why.

The disadvantages of detoxifying for a drug test

The main disadvantage is that this takes time, it takes days, weeks or months. This is not going to work for a random drug test that you did not know was coming. It also does not work if you are doing a hair follicle test. That test takes your hair and measures the drug levels within every half an inch, or one centimeter. The longer your hair the longer the drug use can be seen. The federal government does the hair test, you are expected to be clean a minimum of six months to a year! Another test  that many courts do is the blood test. The blood test checks for even the smallest amounts of drug residuals in your system. So where the urine test may pass you the blood test will fail you. The only way you will pass any of these tests is to not use drugs at all. Even pot in the case of a federal drug test or a court test is often not forgiven. You will find yourself facing fines and jail time for all of these drugs. I can assure you do not want to be detoxifying in jail. They will not treat your symptoms at all, or provide you any relief. You will feel like you are going through a very physical hell, it is just not worth it.

Written by Elizabeth R. Wheeler

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