Detox tea is used for detoxification of the body and to help the liver in the process of cleansing the blood and blood vessels, also to regulate the weight and tone the organism. Detox tea helps in liquid discharge, brain function and fighting viruses.

Does detox tea work?

Detox tea has proved to be the most common way to cleanse your body since the beginning of time. Every root and herb has its effects on the organism and the humanity has learned to use them in the proper way. Over the centuries the medicine has never denied the abilities of the detox teas and potions and they are still largely used.

  • Benefits of detox tea: Benefits of the detox tea depends on the herbs/root/spices you are going to use. Whether you want to tone your organism, help him release the leftovers from antibiotics, help your liver fight chemical poisoning and alcohol addiction.
  • Arbonne detox tea: When I carefully reviewed the arbonne detox tea few things immediately came to my mind. First it is a nice light blend, whit herbs that has proven effect. The Milk thistle increases smooth muscle tone, in small doses energizes the organism. The couch grass is poplar with its diuretic and laxative functions and is commonly used for the treatment of kidney stones, inflammation of the prostate, stomach and intestines, liver diseases, and can be used externally for skin rashes and swellings. Sarsaparilla Root is again liver friendly and decreases the toxins in the body, as well as joint pain and skin conditions.
  • How to make detox tea. To make your own detox tea you must simply choose the herbs/roots/spices that have the effects you want and carefully study all their properties in order to make a perfect combination. It is important carefully dosage all herbs to the optimum daily intake, and not leave the detox tea potion to die, since every herb’s active substances are useful only for certain time, or after certain time.

Homemade detox tea

Home made detox tea is an easy task as long as you have access to herbs and roots, which such properties. You can use mint leafs, nettle root or leafs, agrimonies, fennel seeds, hop seeds, hawthorn, lemon balm (Melissa) leafs and blossom, thyme, flax, ginger root, sweet root, ginseng, Echinacea, cinnamon, cardamom, parsley, basil, anise seeds, dill, black pepper grains, rooibos, milk thistle, and many more to make your own detox tea blend. You can also make cold potions with detox tea effect from celery, beetroot, apples, coriander and other fresh green herbs.

Tea detox

Detox tea for your health

  • When making detox tea at home is important to follow few rules that apply to all herbal potions. Herbs must be boiled for at least 5 minutes in 100 ℃. Also there are herbs that must not be combined together since they exclude each other effects. For instance herbs with tone effect must not be combined with herbs that have calming function. Before you make detox tea, I strongly advise you check the effect of the herbs you are going to use. Another rule for detox tea, or hot liquids at all is never add honey in a liquid with temperature above 40℃, since the honey will become carcinogenic. If you cannot drink tea that is not sweetened you can use sweet root, which is also commonly used root for detox tea , due to its functions.
  • Does green tea detox?

There are detox teas that also use green tea for its energizing function, but not only. Green tea help the body in liquid discharge, which as we know is one of the keys in cleansing the body. Green tea is loaded with a large amount of polyphenols which are powerful antioxidants, and also has important for the body minerals. It also contains the Epigallocatechin Gallate antioxidant, which has powerful medicinal properties and is believed to have anti aging properties. Green tea is used also to balance the effect of the herbs in detox teas.

Green tea detox recipe

One of my personal favorite detox tea recipes contains ginseng root and green tea. For a tea pot of 450 ml. you will need:

  • 3grams of high quality sencha green tea( A type of Japanese green tea)
  • 1 coffee spoon of dried and grounded ginseng root
  • 450ml. of table water
detox tea

Would you like a cup of detox tea?

Boil table water to exactly 80℃ and pour it in preheated teapot. It is important the tea pot to be preheated, since every green or black tea has to be brewed at a certain temperature to extract its flavors and positive effects, and if the tea pot is cold it will lower the temperature of the water, thus ruining the quality of the detox tea. Wash the sencha tea leafs with warm water for a second and put together with the ginseng root in the pot using filter made of stainless steel. Brew for 3 minutes and remove the tea filter. If you cannot measure the exact temperature of the water, keep in mind that every green tea must be brewed in the optimum temperature that allows the tea leafs to float on top of the water. Now enjoy your green detox tea.

Detox tea side effects: Side effects from detox teas are possible if you consume too much. For instance the popular milk thistle also has side effects, it may cause head ache, skin rash or joint pain, and in greater quantities acts depressing on the central nervous system. The Dandelion which is often used in detox teas can sometimes cause stomach discomfort, or diarrhea which leads to dehydration. You must not consume dandelion if you have any gallbladder disease. Burdock can cause drowsiness and slowed heart rate and is not recommended for people with heart conditions or hypotonic. Green tea which is also used in detox tea recipes can too lead to dehydration, if you drink too much of it (About half a liter is enough for 24 hours).

Written by Elizabeth R. Wheeler