Often you can hear the opinion that the water detox diet is one of the most harmonious for us. After all, man is a liquid crystal. Our heart and lungs consist of 70% of water, muscles and the liver – 75%, spleen – by 77%. The brain, in general, is the greatest consumer of water- 83%. Hence, the overall rate of man is 70% water. But where does it get it from? Let us see what is detox water diet.

It is very important for the body to consume clear water every day. You should not confuse water with other drinks in any case. As soon as the water hit the taste, color or smell – a slice of lemon, a little tea leaves – this liquid falls under the control of the digestive center, the issues of water balance in our bodies excess weight, fluid removal from the body, remove toxins, head of the center of water-salt exchange and it hears only two signals – salt and water. That is why water diet is so important.

Kilograms flow away like water through your fingers

In pursuit of the ideal figure we spend money on the diuretic teas, laxatives, diet pills, underwear which increases sweating, trying to “dry up”. Dietitians are sounding the alarm: overweight in 99% of cases, is formed on the background of lack of drinking clean water. Accordingly, the search for a solution should be precisely in the transition to a water diet. Nearly all overweight people are dehydrated people. When fluid deficient begins to expel from such a dehydrated body, health problems are increasing. Best diuretic and a laxative is a large amount of clean water. You need to drink plenty of clean water to operate with normal biliary system, and the gut there were the normal micro flora, which, in fact, gives a normal chair without the use of laxatives.


Fruit detox water

In a nutshell the essence of water detox diet is the following: if we are 70% of water, it is logical that we should drink a lot more than it is. But somehow it is more often the other way around. People often confuse hunger and thirst. This is due, firstly, to the fact that in the hypothalamus, our medulla oblongata, the thirst center is located near the center of hunger and we cannot always understand where there is a signal what we still want right now – to drink or eat. And secondly, the thirst center is all less active with age, we do not feel thirsty.

How much water you should drink per day?

Answer the question: how much of pure, still water do you drink per day? Thinking? Think about it, and about where the body takes the water, if it does not receive water from the diet? The answer is obvious: from itself! In operation of more important organs (the heart, lungs, liver) it picks up water from the cells and organs less significant (nails, hair, muscles, bone).

The first signs of drought in the body are manifested by creaking and crunching in the joints, dry and brittle hair and nails, constipation, pain in the right upper quadrant. Next worse: the formation of stones in the gall bladder and the urinary system, the rise of sugar in in blood, high blood pressure, migraine headaches. Calculate your “dose” of a water diet. For every 30 kg of weight you need a liter of water. But first, the chronically dehydrated body needs plenty of water, and this “enough” is at everyone, as long as you shove water violently, it is not your size, it is not enough for you. Drink, even by force, even through the “do not want” a liter or two, and only when you get, say, up to three liters a day, your body will tell you – I’m thirsty! Do not be surprised, you feel thirsty. Drink another glass – and here’s your volume.

Detox water diet: what is the daily rate?

For many people it is difficult to stick to a diet because of the indispensable denying them the sweet and starchy foods. However, the water diet for weight loss allows you to say goodbye to excess weight, without bans on sweets. This is its charm.

This is probably the only diet which is not intended to be limited to food. The main thing that you need to make in your diet is to increase the consumption of drinking water.

What are the basic principles of water diet? American nutritionists (they are the developers of the diet) came to the conclusion that the extra kilos are formed mostly due to lack of water in the body. This can manifest itself in the form of fatigue, exhaustion; a person can attend frequent headaches, jumps of arterial pressure. Water plays an important role in the body: it helps to maintain a slender figure, keep the body toned; it washes away all harmful substances. All processes on the biochemical level in the body occur in an aqueous environment, the nutrients in the water soluble food digestion; it also naturally regulates body temperature. Therefore, the water reserves in the body need to constantly replenish.


Vegetable detox water

However, it is not necessary to excessively use to those persons who have kidney disease and urinary tract. In this case, before proceeding to water diet, you should consult a doctor.

That’s why water diet for weight loss is becoming increasingly popular, in fact, along with the loss of excess weight; there is recovery of the whole organism. Judge for you, first of all water diet has a beneficial effect on the bowel; in fact water waste products excreted. Due to water diet the skin becomes elastic, velvety and soft.

Curative effect has only clean water, water without gas, and mineral water. It is this water that should be consumed during a water diet, and keep in mind that tea, soups, coffee and juices in the calculation do not go!

To ensure the normal operation of the body’s daily need to consume 1.5 to 2 liters of water. If you want to lose weight, this rate should be increased. And you calculate the right amount of water you can: divide your weight by 20 and you get the exact amount of water needed for finding a water diet.

Drinking water should be in small portions and often, in no case you cannot drink all day norm once! Otherwise, the water will stretch the stomach and, after leaving the diet, you will feel constantly hungry, so go for a meal and then all efforts to acquire harmony will come to naught.

Rules of using clear water

Therefore it is necessary to observe certain rules for the use of clean water:

  • getting out of bed, drink a glass of water, your body wakes up.
  • a glass of water you need to drink and half an hour before each meal: it will adjust the stomach to work, blunt the feeling of hunger and you will eat less.
  • do not drink during meals and for 1.5 hours after: gastric juice dilutes the liquid and digested food worse.
  • hungry drink water: our brain confuses the signals that gives it a body, and often takes dehydration for hunger.
  • Drink warm water: the cold water slows down the metabolism, the metabolism, which means that the oil will not be split.
  • try to eat less salt: from an excess of salt water retained in the body.
  • be sure to eat dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables as a large number of water washes not only harmful but also beneficial substances such as calcium, potassium, sodium.

You cannot be on a diet of water for all the time, because there is a partial violation of the processes of assimilation of nutrients and the intestinal micro flora. Therefore, the water diet can be spent in two-week course, then you need to do at least three weeks break. Maximum water-diet can be during a month. Then you need to reduce the amount you drink up to 1.5 liters. For a week spent on a water diet, you can lose up to 5 kg of weight.

Of course the water diet for weight loss will help you if you do physical exercises, observe the regime of the day, eat mostly healthy foods, and do not overeat.

The great fan of water diet is a well-known Italian actress Claudia Cardinale. To keep youth and beauty, the most beautiful Italian woman just needs a glass of water. Cardinale gets up at 9 am, making a few simple exercises to awaken the body, breakfast at 10, and lunch at exactly one o’clock, supper not later than 19 hours and in 22 hours of going to bed. She does not eat anything in between breakfast, lunch and dinner. And if you want to eat, then drink a glass of water, because, as she says herself: “Water well satisfies hunger.”

So, you understood what advice is given us by the actress. Drink more water and be slim!

Written by Elizabeth R. Wheeler

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