The drinks known for detoxification purposes have been around for centuries. Many different cultures have a variation they use exclusively when their bodies need to be cleansed. While these drinks have been around for centuries many lack the knowledge of what is out there. This article will give you recipes from all over the world. Many of the ingredients can either be grown on your own or found in health food stores. When making a drink that needs a water base always use filtered clean water. Using unfiltered water will leave behind the toxins that reside in your pipes and cities aquifers.

How do the detoxifying drinks work?

These drinks work by helping your kidneys flush out toxins through the process of urination. Some of the drinks also help the liver get the toxins to the kidneys. Many of the  drinks do cleanse the bowel. This will often make your movements occur more often. Often our bowels will carry out toxins, they just need the help with this process. Detoxifying drinks are great for cleansing the liver, kidneys and bowel. Keep in mind a true cleanse will take a week or so for it to be complete. It may take longer depending on the level of toxins in your body.

A known myth is that you can use these drinks to cleanse out the remnants of illegal drug use. The issue is that all of these drugs have a half life, where they stay in the body. On their own without adding new doses you will stop showing the drug. The only time these drinks will do anything is for a urine test. Only if you are over hydrated will this even half work. Using these drinks to pass a drug test is not recommended. You have even less of a chance of passing the test if you are still using the drug while you are drinking these drinks. It is better to just stay clean, some employers do a shelf life test. The hair follicle test these test will not lie. They show the drugs in your system up to a two years! Every half an inch of hair has a different level. Using this they can tell how much you used and when. These drinks are only able to cleanse your body of naturally occurring toxins. Expecting a drink to be a miracle cure is not going to be a safe route to go.

Do detoxifying drinks work?

These drinks can work, they just take a long amount of time. They only remove naturally occurring toxins. While they can remove heavy metals such as lead. They will not remove all of the lead content if you are making the drinks with tainted water. Think of your pipes and water container. If those are contaminated with lead the drink will not be able to flush the toxin out. Also keep in mind the length of time needed to flush out the toxins. It is not a fast process, take your time and go steadily for the best results. Making a habit of having a drink or two in the morning is a good way to start your day. Switching from tainted tap water to clean tap water is a good start. Since the drinks will be flushing the toxins out while not being bombarded with new ones.

These drinks also work best when you are willing to change your bad habits. Think of alcohol or caffeinated drinks. The right detoxification drink will pull both of those toxins out of your system. While it can help a hangover or a caffeine overdose it is not recommended. Over indulgence in both of those is not good for your body. The detoxification drinks do help when you are making the switch. They will pull the remainders of the caffeine and alcohol out of your system.  So you are having less withdrawal symptoms. This will keep you from going back to the old habit. It is the same if you are cutting out smoking, cutting out processed sugar and fats. It is always better to change out a bad habit with a good habit. This way you are making a new habit while you get rid of the bad one. The recipes in this article will give you a good starting point. I have included many variations from natural to homemade. Some of these teas can be gotten from health food stores, so while natural are not homemade. These drink are great when you want a natural option, and lack the time to make your own.

Detox drinks

Detoxifying drinks

Detoxification drink options

  • Natural black tea, either leaves or ground
  • Natural green tea, either leaves our ground
  • Clean filtered water, is needed for any drink
  • Herbs such as mint, thyme and rosemary
  • Fruits such as lemons, berries, melons
  • Some vegetables such as carrots and beets,

Natural detoxification drink recipes

Lemonade Cleanse

Mix two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice. You can also cut up the lemons into fourths and use fresh. two tablespoons of pure maple syrup and one-tenth teaspoon of cayenne pepper in eight ounces of filtered water. You can do a larger batch as well just make sure you do the math correctly for the right amount of eight ounce servings in the cup or container.

 Green Detox Drink

  • three carrots chopped
  • three kale leaves chopped
  • two celery stalks chopped
  • two beets cut into fourths
  • one turnip cut into fourths
  • one half of a bunch of spinach chopped
  • half of a cabbage chopped
  • one half of a bunch of parsley
  • half of a medium onion cut into fourths
  •  two garlic cloves

Mix all ingredients with water and puree in a blender

 Detox dandelion tea

brewing six tablespoons of 1-year-old dried dandelion root and twelve tablespoons of fresh dandelion leaves in four cups of filtered, boiling water, or a teapot full. Other recipes call for simply adding two teaspoons of crushed dandelion leaves to a cup of boiling water and allowing it to brew for about ten minutes.

Fresh Cranberry Juice

Two sixteen ounce or four eight ounce glasses of full-strength juice can be safely consumed on a daily basis by healthy adults. To make this detoxification drink, dilute one part cranberry juice in four parts water. Then, add one tablespoon each of apple pectin and psyllium fiber to stimulate gentle intestinal elimination.

Fruit Detox Drink

This recipe incorporates fruit, along with flax oil and lecithin, In your blender, add.

  • Eight ounces of orange juice
  • Four ounces of filtered water
  • Half of a cup banana, strawberries or yogurt
  • Half of an inch slice of ginger, chopped
  • one small garlic clove
  • one tablespoon flax oil
  • one tablespoon lecithin granules
  • one tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon juice if desired
  • one tablespoon of protein powder.

Homemade Detoxification Drink recipes

A Basic Cleanse (with caffeine)

  • Either one tea bag or tea leaves of black tea
  • One eight ounce cup of Hot water
  • Honey to taste

You get the water warm enough to seep the black tea. If you like add ice to cool it back down.

A Basic cleanse (without caffeine)

  • Either one tea bag or tea leaves of green tea
  • One eight ounce glass of hot water
  • Honey to taste

Get the water warm enough to seep the tea. If you like you can add ice to cool it back down.

A variation of the basic cleanse

Ginger tea with turmeric, orange or lemon and maple syrup is a healing detox drink. Prepare ginger tea as directed and add one teaspoon. Turmeric powder, juice from one orange or lemon and one teaspoon maple syrup

Total Body Detoxification Drinks

Kiwi Grapefruit

Take three kiwis cut up and two grapefruits removed from the rind and broken up. Add two eight ounce cups of  filtered water to fruit. Blend all ingredients together and pour into glass stir gently.

Orange and Cinnamon

Get five inches of orange-rind strips, you can add four orange slices, and two sticks of cinnamon. Place ingredients in a saucepan with one quart of filtered water. Bring mixture to boil and boil for a few minutes. Reduce the heat and boil with the saucepan uncovered. Cool and filter, serve immediately garnish with an orange slice.

Papaya Smoothie

Blend a small green papaya with other fruits of choice, such as kiwi, watermelon and mango, and filtered water stir gently.

Drinks detox

Fruit and vegetable drinks are useful for you!

Other Detoxification Drinks

  • Matcha Mango Pineapple Smoothie
  • Matcha Green Japanese Tea
  • Half of a Pineapple cut up
  • One whole Mango chopped
  • Filtered  warm water

Take the tea seep it in the water, remove the bag, leaves can be left. Pour tea into blender Add mango and pineapple chunks blend until smooth.

Pomegranate Pineapple Lemon drink

  • Green tea, either leaves or bag,
  •  One Pomegranate seeded
  • Half a pineapple chopped
  • One lemon quartered and juiced.
  • Filtered warm water

Take the warm water and seep the tea, remove the bag, leaves can be left. Pour the tea into the blender. Add the pomegranate seeds and pineapple chunks. Either squeeze the lemons directly into the blender or over a bowl then add. You can roll the lemon on the counter to make it easier to juice.

Love your Greens drink

  • One lemon quartered
  • One large cucumber sliced
  • Half of a bunch of Spinach chopped
  • Two Kale leaves chopped
  • filtered cold water

Pour the water into the blender. Add the lemon make sure it is sliced into quarter pieces. Add the cucumber slices, if needed slice them in half. Add spinach and kale leaves. Blend until smooth and stir and enjoy.

Dieters dream water

  • Filtered cold water
  • fruits seeded and chopped

This one is simple enough just take some fruit such as lemons, berries, melons. Chop them up and place into the filtered water allow to seep for an hour. This is also a great place to add ice cubes with frozen fruit. Just place the fresh fruit into ice cube trays and freeze.

Red and Green Festive Cocktail

  • Filtered cold water
  • One Pomegranate seeded
  • One cup of Cranberries
  • Two Kale leaves chopped

Pour water into blender, add Pomegranate seeds. Add the Kale leaves, half of the Cranberries and blend. Pour the mixture out into glasses. Use the left over Cranberries as garnish on top of the drink.

Rainbow fruit and vegetable drink

  • Red tomatoes quartered
  • Red peppers sliced
  • Orange carrots sliced
  • Yellow lemons seeded and quartered into slices
  • Green celery chopped
  • Green parsley chopped
  • Green Romaine lettuce chopped
  • Cilantro chopped
  • Blueberries washed
  • Cold filtered water

Take cold filtered water and pour into the blender. Add fruits and vegetables slowly. Next add the herbs blend until smooth stir and chill before serving.

Golden Detoxification drink

  • Turmeric
  • Ginger
  • Lemon juice
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Filtered hot water

Bring the water up to a boil. Add the turmeric, ginger cayenne and lemon juice. Boil for five minutes allowing everything to meld at disperse properly.

Grapefruit- Cado Sunrise Smoothie

  • One whole grapefruit seeded and removed from the rind
  • one whole avocado pitted
  • Half a large banana sliced
  • half a cup of Strawberries, stems removed
  • One orange quartered and juiced

Place the water into the blender first, slice the avocado without the rind. Add the banana and strawberries. You can either juice the orange directly over the blender or juice into a bowl and add it then. Blend until smooth and stir.

Fruit water

Lemon and cucumber water are full of vitamins

Blueberry fruit smoothie

  • One cup of blueberries washed
  • Half of a large banana sliced
  • Half a cup of cranberries washed
  • Two cups cranberry juice

Pour the cranberry juice into the blender first, add the blue berries and the bananas. Blend until smooth mix in the cranberries serve cold.

Orange Surprise

  • Two cups of carrots sliced
  • one cup of celery chopped
  • Two Granny Smith apples cored and chopped
  • One lime quartered and juiced
  • One cup of filtered water

Take the water and put it in the blender, add the carrots and celery. Add the apples slowly. You can either juice the lime directly over the blender or juice into a bowl and blend.

Mango Ginger Lemonade

  • One whole mango chopped
  • One whole lemon seeded and quartered
  • Half of a  ginger root chopped
  • Filtered cold water

Pour the water into the blender add the mango and ginger. Prep the lemon by rolling it on the counter before slicing, remove the seeds and rind add to mixture. Blend until smooth. If the mixture is too tart add half of another mango.

Beet and Carrot Smoothie

  • Two fresh beets quartered
  • One cup of carrots chopped
  • Half a cup of grapes
  • Cup of filtered water

Pour the water into the blender first. Add the grapes carrots and beets blend until smooth stir and enjoy.

Honey drink with ginger and lemon

  • Two table spoons of chopped ginger
  • two table spoons of honey
  • Half of a lemon juiced
  • One eight ounce cup of hot water

Add the honey to the hot water to dissolve. Stir in the ginger and lemon juice enjoy hot. Can also be served over ice so it is cold.

Sugar Free Indian Gooseberry Drink

  • Half a cup of Gooseberries washed
  • Half of a lemon juiced
  • Four cups of cold filtered water

Add the water gooseberries and lemon juice to the blender and blend. Use a lemon wedge as a garnish.

Beet Juice smoothie

  • Two  fresh beets quartered
  • one large banana sliced
  • Half a pineapple chopped
  • One cup of filtered water

Pour the water, beets, bananas,  and pineapple into the blender. Blend until smooth serve chilled.

Citrus Smoothie

  • One lemon seeded, and removed from the rind
  • Two limes seeded and removed from the rind
  • Two oranges seeded and removed from the rind
  • One tangerine seeded and removed from the rind
  • One half of a large banana sliced
  • One cup of filtered water

Pour the water into the blender first then add the banana. The citrus goes in next breaking the fruit into the natural segments. Blend until smooth and serve cold.

Cranberry bliss smoothie

  • One cup of cranberries
  • One pear seeded and sliced
  • One apple seeded and sliced
  • One teaspoon of Turmeric
  • One cup of filtered water

Pour the water into the blender add half of the cranberries. Add the pear and apple slices, Sprinkle the Turmeric and blend until smooth. Add the rest of the cranberries and stir serve chilled.

Cocktail Wellness

  • One cup of Kombucha tea ( warning contains gluten)
  • Honey to taste
  • one lemon seeded and juiced

Mix the tea honey and lemon juice serve chilled. Kombucha tea has yeast which contains gluten and will give you a  higher blood alcohol level.

Other Information

This is not a full list it is just a good list to get you started. There are dozens more options to make your own detoxification drinks. Since many fruits and vegetables aid in the detoxification process you can experiment. If possible get the produce fresh and organic. It is even better if you can produce them in your own garden. Going by what is in season will always give you a different drink based on the availability of seasonal produce.

You can buy the teas in health food stores many have multiple options. They often carry the teas in bulk which is cheaper in the end. Some often carry the higher end teas from overseas. Always buy a new tea in a smaller amount so you can taste it to see if you like having a larger batch before purchasing. Also remember that tea will lose the nutrients as it is left to open air. Always keep tea leaves in airtight containers to keep them fresher longer. You want the freshest tea and produce to make your drinks have the most potential.

Something to remember you can prep some of the work beforehand. By chopping the produce before you make the smoothie you just store in airtight containers. You can then take them out pour into the blenders and enjoy. The produce often keeps for a twenty four hour period before losing any nutrients. You can also freeze things like yogurt or coconut milk to add to your smoothies as well. Filtered water is the best liquid to add if you are not adding something like milk or yogurt. While the fruit and vegetables have a water content your blender needs extra to blend properly. Never place ice in the blender without a liquid present. The liquid varies on the amount of servings. A thicker smoothie will have less liquid added, if you want it a bit more thin you add a little more liquid and blend again. A smoothie with too much liquid is harder to thicken up. Always start with less liquid you can always add additional. For those that need a thicker liquid because of swallowing problems. You can buy a medical powder that will thicken any liquid. Always get your doctors permission before using this. A swallow test is needed to make sure you need a thicker liquid for medical reasons. The next thickness above water is nectar thick. Which is the consistency of most smoothies and tomato and prune juices. The consistency of liquid honey is the next thickness, after that is pudding or spoon thick. Which is the thickness of pudding or mashed potatoes.

For those with cancers of the throat or stomach you often need a thicker liquid. This is not always because of the swallowing issue. In many cases those with cancer cannot keep anything down unless it is a thicker liquid. These smoothies will help those with cancer by getting the necessary nutrients while cleaning toxins. Those going through chemotherapy often need detoxification help because the immune system is often compromised. The right detoxification drinks will bring the natural immune system back up.

Not all fully benefit from detoxification drinks, often because we are doing this the wrong way. We continue to eat or breath in the toxins daily and only use the detoxification methods every few months. The basic cleanse drinks are safe to drink daily just do not over drink. While both black and green tea are good options fresh clean water is best.

Written by Elizabeth R. Wheeler

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