Let us analyze detox: is it good or bad for our health and body? Today we will try to find the answer to the question: do detox drinks work?

Detox has gained popularity recently, but what is it like? Do detox drinks wash away toxins from the body? Does detox diet actually work?

And what are the toxins in general? And that is very important: whether they derive from our body, can it be more harm than good? Many people are easily amenable to the passion of fashionable nowadays detox. But in order to decide on the most effective way to cleanse the body, we need to start with some basic knowledge.

Toxins are harmful substances for the body

Before you understand the prefix “de” in the word “detox”, you need to understand what is “tox”. The “tox” is a short word for “toxins”. These toxic minerals enter the body from different sources. Accumulating in the body, toxins have a negative effect on health, causing headaches, nausea and other complications, including death.

The toxins are divided into two main categories:

  • Exogenous toxins. They are formed out of the human body. They are transferred through food, air and water. For example: medicines, pesticides, and carbon monoxide.
  • Endogenous toxins. These are known to science as metabolic toxins. They work exactly the opposite way than the previous ones, forming within the body. These may include cell wastes. But it is unclear how the endogenous and exogenous toxins are divided. It is believed that toxins in food, subjected to intensive treatment and released during processing of the stomach, in fact are endogenous rather than exogenous.

There are also biological (virus, bacteria, etc.) and chemical (mercury, lead and drugs) toxins. By and large, however, they can be determined to the above two categories.

Detox diet

Detoxify your body correctly!

How is it possible to remove toxins from the body? The human body is perfectly able to process toxins. The lion’s share of this treatment is taken on the liver, lungs and kidneys. The body can rid itself of harmful impurities without any detox drink diet or detox, in spite of the large amount of toxins inherent to our way of life. In this regard, there are difficulties with the understanding that if there is any effect of the detox, whether it is useful or harmful? For various reasons, detox can have the opposite effect.

What is a good detox?

Let us see which detox is harmful for the body. Some examples of methods by which it may be more harm than good:

  • Fasting and abstinence from food: the body is working hard to preserve health every day and has a well-established function of detoxification, which operates autonomously, and successfully fights the breeding of unwanted impurities. If you starve, you are thereby depriving your body of nutrients needed to maintain health, strength and most effective functioning of the detoxification process.
  • Detox Diet: when people react on fashion trends and apply the detox diet and they are feeling generally better, easier and more charged with energy. The most likely reason for that is the more healthy food. The positive impact of the detox diet is likely to be associated with abstinence from food, specially treated. The initial weight reduction is mainly due to the loss of body water while fasting. And after such a diet the lost weight will be regained. Diet has a short-term effect, and in this sense it may not necessarily be “healthy”.
  • Sweating: out of toxins through sweat is not quite the exact wording, despite its popularity. The sweat is 99% of water with small amounts of salts, urea, proteins and carbohydrates. In fact, toxic substances such as mercury, alcohol or drugs are processed by the liver, kidneys and digestive system. On average a person has 2.6 million sweat glands which function is in the regulation of body temperature, withdrawal and not extraneous waste products.

How to do a correct detox?

The best way to detox your body is to abstain from food toxins; and the more we focus on this idea, the easier with time we realize it in practice.

  • Soul food: your body protects itself and tries to maintain the health of more than become healthy. It does tend to avoid dealing with processed food and its toxins.
  • Healthy eating: this is detox diet. And there is nothing strange in this: the attraction of an organism to healthy eating is quite natural. If it is possible, always try to eat organic food, so that you will avoid clogging your body with harmful chemicals and pesticides, which are often found in processed foods. Do detox drinks work? Yes, they work if they are natural; it means that they should be healthy.
  • Determine how much water you need to drink every day.
  • Clean air: The iota precaution is worth more than a pound of medicines. Try to switch to natural foods processing chemicals to the minimum harmful to breathe, and try as much as possible to refrain from smoking.
  • Create your own power scheme or the use of ready-made and tested: the advantage of the internet is that you can share information around the world in the blink of an eye. Applying the theoretical and practical knowledge about detox, make your personal power scheme and share it with people, so that they could correct it. Or you can use already proven information by any scheme. On the Internet there are a lot of good recipes, from the simplest detox drinks to smoothies, fancy cocktails. So, you will be able to know the answer on the question: do detox drinks work?
  • Exercise: thanks to physical exercises, the blood circulation will work better and will accumulate less of harmful substances. And also internal organs will function better. Often force yourself to work hard, and although the toxins do not come out through sweat, you will definitely feel better and healthier after a good workout.

What is the conclusion?

You and your body are one team. And if you want to detox, you need to manage only the best intentions. But remember: it is best to keep the body out of toxins will help you the prudence and the confidence in the work of their internal organs.

I prefer to look at the concept of “detox” in the broader sense. Detox in my understanding is the knowledge of what foods we should avoid and what foods are beneficial for us, regardless of the frequency of their consumption (from time to time or permanently).

You just need to eat healthy food and to drink natural juices. In our time, we are constantly adding toxins to our diet, and therefore the urgency in knowing how to get rid of them, every day more and more increasing. Think over what you personally understand as a detox and how you want to eat in the future.

Eating healthy food will help to keep you healthy and to feel the lightness in the body of the lack of toxins. Your liver and kidneys will be only too happy to detox. Such food can transform menu of your desk: smoothies, cocktails, natural drinks.

The less harmful substances are contained in your diet, the less your body will work on their processing.

Let’s see: do detox drinks work?

As it was already said, the detox drinks work if they are made of natural ingredients.

  • Green tea. As you might guess, it can be consumed only green tea without sugar for 1-3 days in the food. On the second and third day you can add to your green tea any citrus juice. Preferably, lemon.
  • Fruit juices. Juices must necessarily be diluted with water at a ratio of 1: 1. You should drink these natural juices without restriction throughout the day.
  • Ginger tea with lemon is also very useful for the body and it detoxify it well.
  • An infusion of chamomile and linden is very beneficial.
  • Distilled water. Here we do not need to explain anything.
Detox drinks

Detox drinks for your health

If you can allocate for your detox only 10 minutes a day, try to do this:

  • In the morning

Waking lemonade: room temperature water with 1 teaspoonful of lemon juice.

  • For breakfast

Sweet Green: green smoothie with pear, banana, spinach, almond milk and lemon.

  • Before and after fitness

Get Fit: smoothie with banana, blueberries, cashews, organic agave syrup and protein.

Stay healthy and do the useful detox!


Written by Elizabeth R. Wheeler

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