Since the time that I propose you recipes without milk on the blog, it was a need that I offers you a dough recipe without butter ! Yes, there are already several recipes of pie dough vegan, but there it is just a super dough without butter, light and delightfully crunchy. Slight, but yes ma ptite dame, because it should not replace the butter by the same quantity of oil (otherwise there is really no point !!!). In short, a dough much easier to work with than a dough classic, quick to make, and it is also a basic handy to have on hand (well, not for too long anyway because the dough it sticks !) !

And as for all the pasta, this dough without butter is achievable with the flour of your choice or with mixtures of flours. Here it is made with wheat flour integral to change a little of the flour of wheat white ! And as I have not made a paste to make a paste, soon there will be a small pie with beautiful seasonal fruits in the menu. Then I’ll see you very soon, isn’t it ?!

Dough without the butter

To 1 pie Save Print Ingredients

  • 220 g of flour (here wheat-full)
  • 4 cl of vegetable oil, a neutral (here in sunflower deodorized)
  • 1 egg
  • 5 tablespoons cold water
  • 2 tablespoons sugar (if sweet pastry)
  • 1 g of salt



  • Put the flour in the bowl, make a well and add the egg and the oil.
  • Work the dough by hand or the robot equipped with a sheet and then add the water gradually and according to need.
  • Form a nice ball nice and smooth and use immediately.


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