Surely, you have heard about how it is useful to drink water. Today I want to tell you why it is important and it is necessary drinking water in the morning, on an empty stomach.

  • Human body consists of 70% of water, and thus, the water plays an important and necessary role in its proper functioning;
  • Human brain cells consist of 85% of water;
  • The muscle system consists of 75% of water;
  • Even bone is composed of 25% of water;
  • Blood also has 82% of water.

In addition, it is also profitable to use a lot of foods that contain large amounts of water, such as soups (for the basic broth), natural juices and drinks, fruits and vegetables.

Health is the most important and precious thing a person can have. It cannot be bought with money or borrowed. However, health can be maintained. This should be done correctly and carefully. Many people living in the modern world are trying to adhere to proper nutrition. They visit the gyms and go for long walks and hiking trips. All this, of course, is very good. However, not everyone can boast of having free time and money for all this. This article will tell you, how it is useful to drink water in the morning on an empty stomach. You will find out, how such a simple method can maintain your health and help to feel better.

Drinking water in the morning

Drink water in the morning!

Is it useful to drink water in the morning on an empty stomach? Invaluable benefits will be obtained from the consuming of raw filtered water on an empty stomach. You can add with this some components to enhance the flavor effect and to have a good impact on the body. What is so useful for this liquid? Water entering the newly awakened body, has an invigorating effect on all organs of the body. The work of the excretory system begins; water thins the blood; tissues and cells are filled with oxygen and other beneficial trace elements. In addition, water may have a good impact on the stomach and intestines. Drinking water in the morning before a meal gently prepares the body to a more severe food.

What benefits can we get from drinking water in the morning?

There are a lot of benefits of such drinking! It’s long been known that drinking water (as soon as you wake up, that means, before a meal), it’s the best way to cleanse your internal system. One of the most important results of the receiving water is to cleanse the colon, which will better absorb nutrients from a variety of foods we get throughout the day.

All this process produces a positive effect on the production of blood. This is a process known as “new blood”, which has a positive impact on the recovery effect of the body, and it can even cure various diseases much faster. Next, you will learn why it is useful drinking water in the morning. Drinking water before meals in the morning after sleep has the following advantages:

  • Your skin will become fresher and brighter. Water, as everybody knows, perfectly cleanses the blood of toxins, and as a result you get a radiant skin.
  • Cell regeneration. Drinking water in the morning increases the speed at which new muscle and blood cells are reproduced.
  • The balance of the lymphatic system. When you drink water in the morning regularly, you help yourself to balance your body’s lymphatic system. Lymph nodes are involved in fighting infection, and they are doing it on a daily basis. They also need plenty of fluids to be in excellent condition.
  • Weight Loss. When you drink half a liter of filtered water, you can increase the metabolism of your body, so it can help you to lose weight.
  • Colon cleansing. When you drink the water after being woken up before eating, then you produce the cleansing of the colon. Resulting is that the absorption of nutrients is much easier.
  • Treatment of diseases. More than once it has been proven that the use of water in the morning after sleep, contributes to the rapid disposal of such illnesses, as vomiting, throat diseases, eye diseases, diarrhea, kidney disease, meningitis, tuberculosis, arthritis, headaches and others.

If the body lacks moisture, it starts to suffer and even to hurt. In this case, water is a vital necessity, rather than effective support of youth and beauty. Be sure to pay attention to the signs of dehydration of the body:

  • Often resulting constipation;
  • Dry and cracked lips;
  • Headaches;
  • Weakness and apathy;
  • Dark urine;
  • Dry mouth, together with viscous saliva.

Hot water or cold water? If we compare these two criteria, you should give preference to plain boiled water. However, remember that water should pass filtering. Otherwise, there may remain some pathogens. Hot boiled water is often considered dead. Experts say that it does not bring any good to the body. Such liquid getting into the stomach and intestines, can only do harm. After boiling the water gets rid of most useful microorganisms. However, chlorine reacts with high temperature, and it is transformed into a very dangerous chemical compounds. Because of this, people will get no benefit from this drink, but can also seriously ill. Scum formed during boiling, settles in the intestines to the stomach walls and into the kidney. In this case the stones can be formed in all organs of the human body.

So, now you understand that it is necessary to drink a glass of water in the morning before meal.

Morning water

A glass of water every morning!

How to correctly drink water in the morning for best results and benefits

  • Stop your choice only on clean water! It is strictly forbidden to “replace” water by juices, teas, soups, and so on. Other drinks will have a completely different effect on your body. You also cannot take boiled water, since it loses important trace elements. It is recommended to get a home water purifier or to buy bottled water for these purposes.
  • What does mean “on an empty stomach”? Even cracker eaten by passing the kitchen destroys the necessary balance. Between drinking water, and eaten food (even tea belongs to this category) you should stand for 20-30 minutes. If it is difficult for someone to identify such a time in the morning rush, in the evening you should put beside the bed a glass of water. Then in the morning upon awakening you will have the first fluid, and then you will pass the usual ritual duties, and then be followed by breakfast.
  • It is better to heat the liquid to 25-40 ° C. Cool water instead of cleaning of toxins begins to irritate the gastrointestinal tract. It takes more energy to warm the inside of it. But you should drink close by the warmth of the body temperature, it is best to start the update process of intercellular fluid. In this regard, drinking of hot water will be on dangerous an empty stomach, because you can get burned. And too rapid absorption may lead to an unexpected laxative effect (and other undesirable effects).
  • Increasing the amount of consumed liquid gradually. You cannot gulp “tilting” in the stomach immediately 2-3 glasses of water and continue to be engaged in the usual chores. It is best to drink 200-250 ml of sips, to make a small pause (5-10 minutes) and then take another 200-250 ml. Even if it seems a large amount of liquid, it is possible to start with a half cup of fasting, every day increasing the amount of water you drink.
  • Calculate individually the duration of drinking the water on an empty stomach. If there are any signs of dehydration, you will need approximately 10-15 days for a full recovery. To correct naturally the high blood pressure problems (and avoiding frequent medication) you should maintain 30-45 days. For gastritis – 10 days; for diabetes you need 30 days; for regular constipation – 10-15 days. Patients with arthritis or cancer should always adhere to this procedure in the morning.

Drinking water in the morning with some ingredients

If you are bothered to drink simple water on an empty stomach, it is possible to add something. This will make some variety in useful habit. So, what is recommended to improve clean water?

  • It is useful to drink water with lemon in the morning on an empty stomach. However such exposure should be avoided at high acidity of gastric juice. Also, refrain from self-beverage use, if you are suffering from a stomach ulcer. A glass of water with a small amount of lemon juice not only helps to clean the stomach of the raid and run the intestine, this drink has immune stimulatory properties. Due to the high content of vitamin C, the liquid is perfectly absorbed into the blood and it makes up for a deficiency of this substance. Mash in a small glass of water a few slices of lemon and drink the resulting product.
Water with lemon

Water with lemon is very useful!

  • Water and soda. However, it must comply with certain proportions. In one cup of warm or cold water take soda pinch. The product is able to clean the intestines and to restore the flora of the stomach. Especially such a drink will appeal to people who suffer from heartburn. Soda is struggling with an acidic medium and restores the structure of alkaline urine. In addition, the beverage is able to crush and to remove kidney stones. However, it should be observed regularity of such treatment.
  • Activated carbon and water. You should first drink a glass of water, and then ingest several tablets of the absorbent. For ease of swallowing consume the remaining volume of water. Thus, there is enhanced purification of the gastrointestinal tract of accumulated slag. Activated carbon is recommended to take on an empty stomach for 7-10 days, taking a break for at least 2-3 weeks.
  • Honey and water. First, drink a glass of water, and then eat a little beat of honey. Breakfast can be after 15-25 minutes. Similarly way accelerates the treatment of herpes, colds, gastritis, allergic rashes. Also, the combination of water and honey cleanses the kidneys and liver, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and gives energy for the whole day.

So, you understood that it is useful drinking water in the morning on an empty stomach. Keep in mind that adding a variety of ingredients in liquid, you render additional effects on your body. Try to study the effect of a product. You may find some contraindications to its use. Remember: to stay healthy and beautiful, you need to use at least one and a half or two liters of water daily. The liquid should be cleaned using a pre-filter. Try to avoid the use of boiled water. I wish you good health!

Written by Elizabeth R. Wheeler

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