The duck breast dried house was a real discovery, this is the first charcuterie house that I realize and it is a success. My only mistake was not to prepare one, the first is gone so quickly that now I always make two ! It is important that you choose a linen that does not feel the laundry otherwise your duck will taste !

The version I made is for berries and the Espelette pepper but you can just as well do it in rosemary, thyme, summer savory, 4 spices, or even nature ! Go, it is well worth 3 (long and endless !) weeks of expectations, or not ?!!!

Duck breast dried with pepper, and Espelette pepper


  • A duck breast or a filet of duck
  • 500g of coarse salt
  • A mixture of 5 bays
  • Pepper Esplelette


In a container, pour half of the salt and then place your breast from above in order to cover it with the rest of the salt. Keep cool 12 h.

After 12 h, get rid of the duck with salt, rubbing in well and then add the spices chosen side flesh.

Then roll the duck breast in a clean cloth and let it wait 3 weeks (at least) in the bottom of your refrigerator.

Enjoy at room temperature.

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