The egg casserole that is practical, quick to make, and it is also a idea of meals rather mild, and accommodable to infinity according to your desires, and the contents of your fridge ! Yes, because aside from eggs and the cream, we put just about whatever you want in it ! And this time it is the picodon is a goat cheese from the Drome that I you already do know through the recipe tart eggplant, white, goat, honey and hazelnut.

Serve this egg casserole with a good slice of country bread and a seasonal salad.

Egg casserole in the picodon, and the savory

Ingredients (for 2)

  • 4 outdoor eggs or organic
  • 15 cl of liquid cream
  • 1/2 picodon
  • 2 sprigs of summer savory
  • Salt and pepper


Preheat the oven to 200°.

Break the eggs in the mini-cocottes or ramekins. Add the cream, season with salt and pepper.

Cut out the picodon into thin strips and add them on the eggs. Put a branch of basil by slow cooker.

Bake in a bain-marie hot-12 min.

Enjoy without waiting.

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