A day excursion to the discovery of plants in the wild has led us, with Mr, on the trail of the bear’s garlic. Up until then I had never wanted this plant but there, we discovered a under the wood just perfect ! And I think that I’ve become addicted to this plant so delicious… It must be of course well know it before you pick it up, not to be confused with the lily of the valley but as soon as you’ve identified, you’re in for a treat !

So here is a butter made exclusively with buds and it is just a slaughter… Perfect just simply on a slice of good toasted bread, of potatoes in a dress of the fields, or mussels au gratin (tested and approved!!!) but you imagine a lot more…

More recipes to come !

Garlic butter bears


  • 125 g good butter half-salt
  • 2 large handfuls of flower buds of garlic of bears


Take out the butter ahead of the fridge so that it softens.

Wash the buds and dry them on a tea towel. Mix finely.

Add butter pomade and work the whole with the fork to incorporate the garlic of the bears.

Roll it in a cling film and allow to cool.

Enjoy !

Written by Doc

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