Wednesday is ravioli ! Well, no, it’s gratin of crozets !!! Yes, you know its small pasta square savoyard buckwheat. So here’s a recipe to accommodate the crozets otherwise than in croziflette !

Who is it for the good gratin ?!

Gratin of crozets at the cream of broccoli in Beaufort

Ingredients (for 4)

  • 300 g of crozets saracens or natures
  • 1 head of broccoli
  • 110 g Beaufort + 40 g
  • 50 g mascarpone cheese
  • 15 cl of liquid cream
  • Nutmeg
  • Salt and pepper


Cook the crozets, as indicated on the packet by removing 2 minutes of cooking then drain.

Cut the broccoli into florets, then cook 10 minutes in boiling salted water so that it becomes tender.

Preheat the oven on grill to medium.

Drain the broccoli and crush coarsely in a saucepan then turn heat to low.
Add the mascarpone and the cream to the broccoli and mix.
Then add 110 g of Beaufort leaf to the preparation, mix until the cheese melts and then add the crozets.

Add the nutmeg and adjust the seasoning.

Divide into 4 ramekins.

Add 10 g of Beaufort cheese on each ramekins.

Put under the grill of the oven about 10 min.

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