Lemon is extremely useful fruit for the figure, and the entire human body. The fruit contains a huge amount of vitamin C which is a great helper in the fight against excess fat. Lemon juice due to its composition contained in the acid can significantly slow the absorption of carbohydrates and fats coming from food. It enhances intestinal motility and accelerates the process of lipolysis. And that is very important in the process of weight loss: it stimulates the removal from the body of accumulated toxins.

Lemon often becomes the basis of quick diets that allow to get rid of several unnecessary kilograms within a couple of days. The body in this period is experiencing a lot of stress, the main problem after such a diet is to keep the result.

What are the benefits of lemon diet?

These yellow fruit can but reach the desired weight, still bring a lot of benefits. Acceptance of lemon juice would be an excellent prevention of such a complex disease as diabetes. This citrus has a positive effect on the digestive tract. It restores impaired metabolic process and helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels. The fruit not only helps to get rid of the hated kilograms, but also heals the body, ridding it of accumulated toxins.

Lemons are also able to significantly reduce the feeling of hunger. Observing the lemon diet, you can absolutely not worry about the calories. The popularity of this option is also explained by weight loss and diets available, as the price of the main ingredient, lemons are affordable for many. And, of course, there is a high performance.

  • Contraindications to the lemon diet weight loss.

This option is contraindicated in the following cases: if you have hyperacidity or gastrointestinal disease; you suffer from allergies to citrus fruits; you have a diagnosis of “kidney stone disease.” So, be attentive!

  • Useful tips and reviews.

The meals during the diet of lemons should be divided into several stages. On average, there should be every four hours. During the diet you can afford a bit of sweets, for example, within a week you can eat a bar of chocolate. In addition to the diluted juice during the day you need to consume three liters of clean water. So you activate the elimination of toxins. Lemon juice is a fairly aggressive product and to prevent damage to the tooth enamel, the drink is better to drink through a straw. If this is not possible, be sure to rinse your mouth with soda solution.


Benefits of lemon diet

After the diet do not give up the use of lemon. Let it remain in your menu. This will help to keep the results. Reviews of citric diet are generally positive. And if you do not abuse the rapid variations, you lose unwanted kilos and it is quite real to maintain a healthy stomach.

Lemon water diet: there are no disadvantages!

Diet on the water with a lemon allows you to quickly lose weight. Water with lemon on an empty stomach will help to achieve good results in weight loss, if at the same time to eat properly.

Many people know that water with lemon will help to lose a few kilos in a week. As a rule, people are satisfied with the effectiveness of this method of weight loss.

Nutritionists claim that you can lose weight very quickly. To do this, you just need water with lemon. The benefit of this method of weight loss is obvious, although some experts put it into question.

Diet on water with lemon can get rid of fat in a short period of time. Everyone knows that to lose weight you need to drink as much water as possible. Much better to use not clean water, but water with lemon juice. This unique product has a number of useful properties. It contains a loading dose of vitamin C and other valuable minerals, vitamins, pectin.

Lemon juice has the ability to burn fat. Eat it in its pure form, of course, is not necessary. Lemon juice must be added to drinking water and fasted. This drink is especially effective in the morning immediately after waking up. Currently, nutritionists have developed several diet options. In all cases, they offer drink water with lemon juice.

The most popular type of diet is not suitable for everyone. For it is necessary to comply, do not eat anything in the first day of the diet. You can drink only water with lemon juice and herbal tea. On the second day of the diet it should also be drinking water with juice, but at the same time you can have some kinds of apples and vegetables. The third day of the diet is to repeat the first day. Such a strict regime must adhere to a maximum of three days. Nutritionists believe that this is likely not a diet, but simply fasting days. To return to normal diet should be gradual. Otherwise, all the extra weight will return very soon. To begin the diet is necessary, too, gradually reducing the number of daily food intake for a week.

Experts claim that this diet is not for everyone. Those who suffer from any chronic illness, it is not necessary to adhere to such severe restrictions in the diet. Also, this brief diet is contraindicated in pregnant women and nursing mothers. Those who suffer from high acidity of gastric juice, lemon juice just is contraindicated. You cannot use it, and people who have found stomach ulcers and other gastrointestinal disease.

The second option of a diet is not so strict. People who stick to a diet on the water with the lemon juice can have a useful low-calorie food, but you must follow certain rules. Every day you need to drink on an empty stomach a glass of water with lemon juice. This drink also needs to drink for 20 minutes before each meal. In the first three days of the diet, you can restrict the use of a glass of water with the addition of juice squeezed from half a lemon. So you need to drink a glass of lemon water before each meal throughout the day. This allows you to start the metabolism, speed up the metabolism. In addition, the lemon water provides a short feeling of fullness. Drinking a glass of this drink, a person eats during the meal a lot less.

The next two days you should drink before each meal one glass of water with juice of one lemon. After that lemon juice concentration should be increased. The last two days, you should drink before each meal with a glass of water by adding the juice of two lemons.

Lemon water

Lemon water

Once the diet is over, do not immediately go back to the usual diet. Next, you will support the result obtained by eating a daily cup of water with lemon juice on an empty stomach. This drink should be drunk immediately after waking up. Lemon water diet allows you to lose weight very quickly, but at the same time to throw off the kilos back, if not further observe a certain diet. Unfortunately, this flaw is inherent in almost all of express diets. It is important to remember that to obtain consistent results in losing weight you need to completely change all the usual power supply system.

Water with lemon fasting speeds up the metabolism, stimulates the removal from the body of toxins. Diet on the water with the lemon juice should be observed with caution, since it is not for everyone.

Useful recipes

There is a great variety of ways with citric slimming water. I suggest you to consider a number of interesting and useful diet recipes with lemon water and to choose the one that suits you better.

  • Honey-lemon diet

Lemon diet “5 kg for 2 days” has the following recipe:

The juice of 15 lemons;

3 liters of boiled water;

70 grams of honey.

Mix all the ingredients and get a honey-lemon drink. To be more precise, the citric diet in this case is a classic discharge cycle. During these two days, the body is cleansed of previously accumulated toxins, parallel feasting vitamins and minerals that are contained in the lemon juice and honey. In addition, a combination of honey and lemon helps to reduce cholesterol levels.

  • Classic lemon diet

Lemon may be the basis not for only rapid weight loss, but also the usual two-week diet. By the way, it is ideal for those who cannot give up the high-quality food. You lose the extra weight, but do not limit yourself too much food. This lemon diet is the weight loss recipe for the lazy and it is based on the introduction of a daily menu of lemons. The essence of the diet is simple: in the morning according to a certain scheme have to drink lemon juice diluted with water. It is also necessary to add the lemon to all the dishes, which are present in the daily menu.

  • Lemon diet “5 kg for 2 days”

The menu is calculated for two weeks. As I mentioned a little bit earlier, in the morning you need to drink a certain amount of water with lemon juice. Remember that the amount of juice varies daily, but the amount of water always remains the same. On the first day squeeze a lemon and dilute the juice in a glass of water. On the second day you need to dilute the juice of two lemons in two glasses of water and continue on the rise. On the seventh day of the diet it is necessary to squeeze the juice of fruits and three to dissolve his three liters of water to which you want to add a spoonful of honey. Drink water throughout the day, starting with the next morning, the number of lemons is decreased. On the 14th day of the diet it should be repeated 7 days menu. Juice drink is always in the morning, on an empty stomach. After that, you cannot eat anything for an hour.

Written by Elizabeth R. Wheeler

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