To maintain your health, you need to periodically cleanse the body. There are different ways for the procedure, but the most effective method would be a citric cleaning body.

Cleansing the body with lemons and lemon water is directed to excretion of uric acid. Nature gave to mankind a wonderful product, which is a powerful solvent.

Some words about lemon benefits

The classic use of lemon, as many are accustomed to, is its use in vitamin deficiency, and to improve the body’s resistance in acute respiratory viral diseases. And not so long ago there were opened up entirely new and unique abilities of citrus. Lemon has the ability to break down waste products in the body. After this process, it has also a reducing effect. Also this yellow fruit is endowed with regenerative abilities absolutely for all tissue types in the body. In frequent cases, using lemon was able to eliminate toxic deposits in the liver.

If there are no contraindications, which in some cases take place, you can lose weight and restore the body’s metabolic processes, using the cleansing of the body of water with lemon. The ease of this method lies in its simplicity and incredible no special effort is required.

Lemon is a “vessel”, which houses the impressive amounts of ascorbic acid, and citric acid and other fruit acids. The structure consists of tannin and bioflavonoids – a dietary fiber that will be required in the process of normalization of metabolic processes. Cleansing of the body takes place due to these substances.

Lemon water detox

Lemon water detox

It is important to take the lemon for people suffering from hypertension, since it is able to lower blood pressure in the blood. With it, you can achieve a reduction of indicators of cholesterol and sugar. Lemon contains more substances such as pectins, and they are able to derive from the body of heavy metals. Frequent increased gas in the intestines can help to combat this skin of a lemon. And believe that lemon is an excellent antiseptic.

There are exceptional cases in which the use of lemon is not allowed. This citrus is contraindicated if there is any disease of the digestive tract. Any method to cleanse the body must be approached responsibly and carefully. You should never start with large doses. Is there a high acidity? Then you need to prepare yourself in advance, using vegetable juices for a while, and now only then you can move on to citrus.

What is lemon water?

Regular consumption of water with lemon will bring back to normal or to maintain in good condition the vital systems of the body, as well as a beneficial effect on metabolic processes.

Several reasons to drink lemon water:

  • It strengthens the immune system. The use of water with lemon for immunity is known to almost everyone. Reproduction of immune cells occurs with the active participation of vitamin C, which is a huge number in the lemon. By consuming lemon water, you stimulate the strengthening of immunity, and protect your body against viruses and bacteria. In addition, a good immune system, you just need to stressful situations. So, it turns out that regular consumption of lemon water strengthens the nervous system.
  • It improves heart. Citric acid also contains large amounts of potassium. This element is necessary for the normal operation of the cardiovascular system. In using this precious drink, you can significantly reduce the risk of certain diseases of the heart.
  • It normalizes digestion. Water with lemon is an excellent means of cleansing the body of toxins. Through its action normalizes the process of digestion, disappearing symptoms such as bloating, heartburn, belching.
  • It drives to a good shape. Water with lemon for weight loss is a very popular resort. This is confirmed by numerous positive reviews online. The fact is that when we drink on empty stomach lemon water, in addition to the mass of vitamins and minerals to our body gets fiber, so we want to eat less, and therefore fewer calories.
  • It improves the appearance of skin. If you want to have a beautiful, smooth skin, citric acid is what you need. In the process of smoothing and skin whitening are involved the antioxidants in such a useful water with lemon, as a result we are able to get rid of age spots, and even wrinkles, with a regular drinking this natural beverage.
  • It keeps healthy joints. The use of water with lemon is invaluable for people who are suffering from diseases of the joints. Regular use of this drink will allow to actively excreting uric acid, which is accumulating in the joints and can cause inflammation.
  • Lemon water adjusts base pH balance, because citric acid does not increase the acidity.
  • If you have a habit every morning to drink coffee, then a glass of lemon water with success will help to get rid of it. By the way, the invigorating effect of the water with a lemon is not less than that of coffee!
  • It tones and invigorates. Due to the content of vitamins P and C, lemon improves skin tone and efficiency of the organism. It is very important due to the frequent changes in the weather, because of which you are constantly sleepy. Also lemon helps to overcome fatigue and depression because of the lack of daylight in the winter.
  • A glass of lemon water is a struggle with dehydration; in the morning all systems will work correctly, and in the first place, the adrenal glands that secrete hormones. The body will be ready to stress, and the whole day will be able to function normally.
  • If you drink every day some water with lemon, the liver will produce twice as many enzymes as are essential to normal healthy digestion. Warm water is able to stimulate the liver and the lemon helps to thin the bile and excrete the excess. Lemon and warm clean bottled water is a natural laxative.
  • There is increased potassium content in lemons, and it is the main mineral for the nervous system and productive work of the brain. Anxiety, fatigue and fear are gone. This is an excellent sedative, harmless and natural.
  • Also Lemon contains a lot of magnesium and calcium. The last is necessary for the bones, and thus a simple procedure in the morning will be the key to healthy bones and strong teeth.
  • Water with lemon or lime may help to lower blood pressure. Helping to clean up the blood vessels and arteries, water with lemon has beneficial effects on blood. This property is widely used in medicine for the treatment of a number of diseases such as cholera or malaria. Moreover, water with lemon is recognized as an effective tool that copes with high blood pressure. It softens vessels and makes them more flexible, which in its turn, lowers the pressure. The water and lemon can also help to stabilize blood sugar and cholesterol.
  • The elimination of mucus from the body also is the work of water with lemon.
  • With a strong and pleasant taste and aroma, lemon juice is able to mask bad breath and keep it fresh for a long time. Pure lemon juice is able to even corrode tooth enamel, but in combination with water it will have a very soft and delicate effect.
  • Scientific evidence shows that even just the smell of lemon is able to get rid of anxiety and gloom. A regular intake of water with lemon will help to maintain high spirits 24 hours 7 days a week without any extra effort. In addition, the lemon has a favorable effect on the nervous system, calms it and kills the very first signs of depression.
Lemon water

A glass of lemon water every morning!

Recipes of lemon water to cleanse the body

Here are some recipes of how to cleanse your organism with the help of such wonderful water.

  • A very simple recipe: in a glass of warm (!) water it is necessary to squeeze some lemon juice. Everyone defines for himself how much lemon you need to add. For someone, just a few drops, and someone gladly drinks a drink with a squeezed lemon. Pick up for yourself your own version, and get the maximum benefit. There are some rules for the use of this precious drink. The right use of water with lemon is on an empty stomach, 20 minutes before the first meal. Thus, right from the morning the body “charges” for the whole day, and you will want to eat less, which is very important for dieters.
  • Water with lemon and ginger. Wash a ginger root, peel and grate it. One spoon of the resulting slurry ginger should be placed in a thermos, there is needed to put the pre-chopped into large chunks, whole lemon, and pour this mixture of water (about 3 liters) in 1000 temperature. The blank should be left to infuse for 12 hours. The ready drink before consumption is needed to be strained through a strainer or cheesecloth. Application: Every morning, an hour before the main meal you should drink 1 cup of this precious drink.
  • Water with lemon and honey. In a glass of warm water, mix a teaspoon of honey and add a certain amount of fresh lemon juice. Application: drink a glass of this drink in one gulp, 30 minutes before breakfast, and as the evening before dinner. For handling of the day can be recommended to take feed water every half hour.

Some information about saltwater. Against the background of dehydration, our cells begin to deform, decreasing in diameter. We feel it noticing pressure surges, suffering from tumors or suffering other health problems. The cells are very difficult to modify the penetration of water. The salt helps this process. Due to the use of salt water is achieved proper hydration of cells. Through cleansing the body of salt water, you must adhere to proper nutrition. For the sake of health it is necessary to abandon the harmful food, sweets, animal proteins, the abundance of fat, foods that are high in carbohydrates, and any alcohol. To correct diet and health improvement you need to add adequate exercise. The desired amount of water is determined according to body weight. For every 1 kilogram of body weight are 30 mg water. For example, the weight is 70 kg, the required dose on day 1 will be 2.1 liters. This dosage should be gradually increased to a reasonable level. In each of the first days you should follow a certain dosage of salt – 7-10 grams. Then you can take a little more than a pinch. For the purpose of cleansing the body fit the usual coarse rock salt structure. The duration of the course is six months of salt. The first method of purification of salt water is used in two stages. First, to use a portion of pure water. It needs to be washed down with 30 milligrams of water where was previously dissolved a pinch of salt. The second method comprises the use of salt water to drink immediately big its volume. This needs a little salt into the water. Add salt as you add it in a soup. Some people prefer to drink water first, and then dissolve the salt.

Cleansing with salt water with lemon. Cleansing of the body in the home with a salt water and lemon. This way to clean quickly relieves intestines from allergens and toxins. It is recommended to use 2 times a year during seasonal exacerbations of allergies and the common slagging organism. How to use salt water:  in a liter of warm boiled water dissolve 1 teaspoon of salt and the juice of one lemon. Drink it in the morning on an empty stomach for half an hour in small portions. Lemon increases the secretion of bile and digestive juices, and salt water draws fluid and toxins from the intestinal wall. The mixture has a laxative effect. On the day of cleaning is best to eat fruits, vegetables, cereals, drink juice or herbal decoction. The effect will be noticeable within a few days.

I wish you a good body detoxification with the help of all these ways!


Written by Elizabeth R. Wheeler

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