It’s been so long that I wanted to try the lemonade made in house. So, for this first version, I started a lemonade with orange blossom. A real treat ! It is super fresh and the flavor provided by the orange blossom is very comforting.
Good, the temperature present do not justify even such a recipe but it is still necessary to well prepare for the beautiful days which come ! And then like that, it leaves us the time to test several versions of drinks and choose one that will switch our hearts. I admit that this one is not bad at all with a sweetness some…

If you have other version of lemonade, I am all ears. Now that I have tested for the first time, I only want to repeat the experience of this type of cold drinks…

Lemonade with orange blossom

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  • 2 not treated lemons
  • 1 bottle of Perrier 75 cl
  • 2 tablespoon of agave syrup (brown)
  • 3 tablespoons of orange blossom
  • A few leaves of mint
  • A few ice cubes



  • In a jug, drop 1 lemon 1/2 sliced, with the juice of 1/2. Add the agave syrup, orange flower and mint leaves.
  • Pour the equivalent of 1 glass of sparkling water, mix and refrigerate.
  • At the time of serving, add the rest of the sparkling water and the ice cubes.
  • Mix quickly and serve immediately.



  • If you don’t have agave syrup, you can always add 4 tablespoon of brown sugar.


Then, you will well be tempted by a little to lemonade, orange blossoms house !? It is easy, fresh and good for health, so why deny it… come on, a toast !

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