The liver is the organ the most affected by malnutrition, bad habits and negative emotions. Therefore it is necessary from time to time to do the cleansing of the liver; and of course, it should be cleaned with the help of natural remedies. That’s why today I want to tell you about liver detox drinks and the correct usage of them.

A good detox program for your liver

First of all pay your attention to the fact, what foods help to cleanse your liver. If you follow this cleansing program for two weeks, then your liver is cleared; and it will feel much healthier and better.

First of all – breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Everybody knows that it is “charging” us with energy and good mood for the whole day. Do not eat breakfast is a very serious mistake. This not only helps us to maintain a healthy weight, but the breakfast strengthens our appetite and stimulates us to eat more (when we are going to eat). Moreover, in this case, we start the day being tired and in a bad mood.

To start it is recommended to drink a glass of warm water, a spoonful of high-quality olive oil and the juice of a few slices or half a lemon on an empty stomach. You can drink it all together, and you can drink it separately. This first procedure will help to cleanse the toxins and “awaken” to the normal operation of the internal organs, especially the liver. Then, prepare breakfast, which consists of smoothies. Its composition may be surprised, but the taste is too surprised: it is very pleasant.

You should grind the following ingredients:

  • Apple or pear: by your choice
  • A half of a ripe banana
  • A few leaves of spinach: fresh and young
  • Two dry plums
  • A handful of nuts (walnuts, almonds, or forest nuts); it is better to pre-grind them
  • Half a cup of oat drink
  • A pinch of ground ginger and cinnamon
  • A small spoonful of brewer’s yeast in powder form
  • A small spoonful of high-quality coconut oil

Grind these ingredients so that they form a homogeneous mass. Do not drink it all at once; it is better and healthier to prolong the pleasure. This mixture is very nutritious; it regulates blood sugar levels, it helps to reduce anxiety and, of course, it establishes the liver.

Lunch is also very important.

Lunch is also a very important item, especially if the second half of the day is scheduled with serious work or other activity that requires a lot of effort. You must try to make a balanced meal and do not overeat.

Your menu should include:

  • Salad, gazpacho or greens
  • Cereals, flour products and potatoes: rice, semolina, potatoes, cassava, pasta, integral bread, etc.
  • Protein products: lean meat, fish, eggs, vegetables or vegetable protein (tofu, tempeh)
  • Good fats: olive oil, nuts, avocados

You can vary the products, but listed here the main components should always be included in the menu.

Liver drink

Choose natural and fresh ingredients for drinks

You should try to do without dessert, which usually impairs digestion. But if you want to eat something tasty, you can choose from the following treats:

  • Apple, pear, pineapple or papaya
  • Homemade apple juice
  • Cottage cheese with honey
  • Nuts

Dinner should be light.

Your dinner should be light. Your body at this time of the day does not require a lot of energy, and the liver can, and should, to rest. But the meal is needed for not to go to bed on an empty stomach. So you should prepare for dinner something light, but just light, if you want your cleansing diet has been successful.

Observe several dining options:

  • Soup of vegetables with egg and some integral bread
  • Gazpacho and fish on the grill
  • Baked zucchini and a little salad
  • Sautéed vegetables, mushrooms and cheese
  • Cakes made from rice or corn flour with tomato, avocado and turkey
  • Apple juice and a little cheese with nuts

This detox diet will be very useful and good for your liver.

Liver detox drinks: what are the best?

Now let us see, which liver detox drinks are the best to detoxify the liver.

The experts say that the easiest way to clean the liver of toxins is lemon detox. The liver is considered a natural filter of our body. Over time, any filter is clogged and needs a preventive cleansing. And the human liver is not an exception. From ancient times people know a way to cleanse the liver with the help of lemon juice.

Warm water and lemon juice are very useful for liver cleanse. Daily consumption of warm water with lemon juice stimulates the liver, which removes toxins and wastes from your body.

Not only detox juices but also other products cleanse very well the liver. For example:

  • This is one of the best foods for cleansing the liver. It is not necessary to use too much garlic in your meal. If you decide to carry out the cleansing diet for the liver, then turn on the clove of garlic in every dish. Even if you are carried away by natural juice therapy, then add to some juices a little garlic juice. Garlic improves the functioning of the liver enzymes, as a result of this you will occur an active liver cleansing. Spiced minced garlic salads have a wonderful aroma and they are very useful for the liver.
  • Why is the use of foods, rich in vitamin C helps to cleanse the liver? Maybe, because vitamin C promotes the synthesis of a substance such as glutathione. This is one of the best connections to enhance liver health. The ideal product for this process is the avocado. This product contains a lot of nutrients, which together contribute to the ideal cleansing of the liver.
  • Cilantro is a champion among the other members of the green on the removal of the body from heavy metals. The chemical components of cilantro bind these metals, releasing blood cells, organs and tissues, and remove them from the body. Add the cilantro in juices, smoothies, salads, soups, main dishes
  • The turmeric is not merely necessary, but vital for people who have liver problems. Human liver system starts to work well-adjusted with turmeric, as a “Swiss watch”. This is a favorite spice of the liver. Try adding it to the stew of lentils or other vegetarian dishes and the effect of healing and restoration of the liver does not take long.

Cleansing the liver has a crucial meaning in our life and in the proper operation of all our organs. So do not hesitate to include these defenders of the liver in your diet right now.

Some easy recipes of liver detox drinks

The liver detox drinks should be natural. For example, beet juice. The beet juice has powerful cleansing properties; it removes toxins, toxins, salts of heavy metals from the liver. It clears the bile ducts and gall bladder from the stagnant, sand, excess cholesterol. With the help of beet juice the normal functioning of the liver and entire digestive system are restored.

But be attentive:  the cleanse of the liver with beet juice is prohibited for people who are suffering from diabetes mellitus, urolithiasis, inflammatory diseases of the kidney and gall bladder, gout and hypotension.

Carrot juice. The carrot juice excellent cleans the liver. Carrot concentrate has a detoxification effect, contributing to the dissolution and removal of toxins from the liver and other internal organs. It has choleretic properties. It fills the body with energy and restores vitality. In addition, carrot juice serves as a kind of indicator, with which you can determine the condition of the liver. Connoisseurs of various purification schemes argue that if the skin is acquired with a yellowish tint, then the liver is in poor condition. Such a phenomenon will occur the first few days, then an unhealthy shade will disappear and your skin will become fresh and healthy glow. If the intake of carrot juice the color of the skin has not changed, so the liver is absolutely healthy and well fulfills its intended purpose.

Radish juice. The radish juice is infrequently used to clean the liver, which is not quite justified. It has an excellent diuretic and antibacterial properties; it removes radionuclides and heavy metals.

The mix of juices. For best results, these juices can and should be mixed. So, for the preparation of the classic vegetable juice take:

  • 2 carrots
  • ¼ of beet
  • 5 cabbage leaves
  • green beam (parsley, dill or beet greens)

This drink is perfect for cleansing the liver, gallbladder, kidneys and intestines.

Liver detox

The best recipes for you!

Make the following beverage of the proposed ingredients. It is necessary to drink it fresh, to have the desired effect of antioxidants. You will need:

  • 1/2 of a lemon
  • 1 bell pepper
  • 1 apple
  • 1 medium sized cucumber

If you drink 2-3 cups of this juice every day, your liver is cleansed and the toxins are eliminated from the body. You also will correct your general condition and will get a charge of energy and vivacity.

Cleansing detox drink made from turmeric to cleanse the liver and intestines. This drink is helpful to cleanse your liver and to remove toxins from the intestines. It also will prevent gallstones. You should take:

  • Half a cup of water
  • 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric
  • A little bit of ginger
  • Juice of one lemon

Mix everything and drink.

Detox smoothie for cleansing the liver. This cleansing drink is perfect for a morning menu (it should be drunk on an empty stomach). Ingredients:

  • A cup of kale
  • A cup of chopped cabbage leaves
  • A cup chopped celery stalks
  • A cup chopped zucchini
  • 2 carrots
  • Ice or pure non-carbonated water

Mix all these ingredients and drink.

Hope that these liver detox drinks will help you to cleanse your liver!

Written by Elizabeth R. Wheeler

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