The months, last year, during my holiday, I made a small tour in the Charentes-Maritimes, in the house of my grand-mother, they had several hazelnut trees in his garden, and so I haven’t been able to prevent me from given me good nuts.
I knew exactly what I wanted to do : mashed hazelnut house, or dough, nutty, or creamy, nutty, or even butter, hazelnut… whatever the name, I knew how I wanted to transform this texture delicious ! Mmmmhhh…

Good, I warn you immediately, this recipe is not complicated at all, but it is long enough… You also need a good mixer or blender !! The reward is waiting for you with a great pleasure taste and great satisfaction of having done his mashed nuts either !!
He still needs to know that with 500 grams of whole hazelnuts, you’ll only get a little pot of dough-nuts. From my side, I made fun, I absolutely wanted to try !

For this recipe, I used 2 varieties of hazelnuts (each in a different jar in the photo above), one is more round while the other and more elongated and thin with a taste slightly more bitter. The mixture of the 2 created a perfect balance, but you can also make this puree of hazelnuts with a single variety.

Mashed hazelnut house

To-1 pot Save Print Ingredients

  • 500 g of hazelnuts unshelled, or an equivalent of 200 g about blanched hazelnuts (without shell)



  • Husk the hazelnuts (the longest step…) and place on a baking tray covered with baking paper.
  • Preheat your oven to 160° and roast the hazelnuts between 5 and 8 minutes.
  • Take out and let cool. Personally, I’ve stitched a few at this time…
  • In order to remove the larger of the small skin that covers the hazelnuts, rub them between your hands and then place them in a blender. It does not matter if there are still some of the skin.
  • Then mix gently (the 2nd longest stage…). Stop about every 40 seconds, do not overheat your device and your nuts and let fall the mix, which will have a tendency to stick on the walls of the blender.
  • Repeat the operation until obtaining a homogeneous paste. Personally, I like when the dough still has a few small seeds, which croustillent…


And that’s, you know, make your own mashed hazelnut house !

I too love the look… I think they are too beautiful with these colors, very warm… You can not find !?

I have plenty of other recipes to share with you with this basic dough, hazelnut house, or even just simple nuts, so very quickly… It serves me to replace the sometimes fat such as butter or oil in my cakes. It is to fall to the ground so it is good, and in addition, it is better for the health !

I suggest you to follow the preparation of the paste of hazelnuts in pictures to show you that we as whole hazelnuts and without any addition, you arrive at this beautiful texture of mashed potatoes.

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