At the end of August, it was the first walk mushrooms of the year, a walk unpretentious where we had just taken what the pick up just in case. And then the “case” came in quite quickly, with first one, then two, then three mushrooms… and other fungi also. Mr is also shown by finding the larger cep of the collection, not less than 10 cm diameter at the foot and still eatable… this man is perfect !!!

Good and then, like the mushrooms we love this rather conventional way by in us, it is said that a good plate of paste with porcini mushrooms in the form of a pan would be perfect ! What is there not to enjoy ease (well almost !) ! If you want other ideas around the cep, will see the recipe of carpaccio of porcini mushrooms or risotto with porcini mushrooms.

Pasta with porcini mushrooms

Ingredients (for 2 people)

  • 250 g of fresh pasta (here tagliatelli)
  • 2 ceps means
  • 1/4 bunch of parsley
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 40 g of butter
  • Salt and pepper


Clean the mushrooms using a brush, scrub the feet with a knife. Cut them into large pieces and then pass them quickly under water to remove any possible traces of earth.

Snip the parsley after you remove the stems and set aside.

Put the butter in a frying pan, add the crushed garlic clove and then add the mushrooms. Sauté over high heat 5 minutes, stirring frequently.

During this time cook the fresh pasta for 3 minutes in boiling salted water.

Season the fried porcini mushrooms and add the parsley.

Serve simply on pasta !

Enjoy it !

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