It was a small moment that I wanted to make a pavlova to look all white, and the occasion of this folder of the revenue for the year-end holiday season is a great excuse (yes I sacrifice a little for you… well not really eh !). So for this second recipe, we do fart the pavlova coconut and lychee ! And for this occasion, I wanted to give him a different form of the pavlova as we know it all, a form of crown with small balls, which when it separates them, are pretty individual shares. And you have to admit that it casts, not (on-estime of myself, but it’s good from time to time !) ?! Anyway, I also want to make a recipe of pavlova without milk, so exit the cream whipped classic and too heavy, it leaves room for a whipped cream of coconut marries beautifully with the meringue. Yes, I can tell you that the pavlova has not fizzled out, the whole family loved it, and especially Mini-Mademoiselle who loves the pastries from his mother !

And no, non, not and re-no it is not ultra mega long to make a meringue, and finally the cooking time is long, but we are not obligated to stay glued in front of the oven throughout the cooking process and therefore it is possible to prepare something else ! And then the pavlova coconut for dessert at Christmas, it is a chouille more rock than the log, or not ?!

Pavlova coconut and lychee {without milk}

For a pavlova Save Print Ingredients

  • 4 egg whites
  • 120 g of caster sugar
  • 120 g of icing sugar
  • A few drops of lemon juice
  • 1 box of coconut milk, chilled
  • 30 g of icing sugar
  • 1/2 vanilla pod
  • 1/2 box of lychee
  • Of coconut chips



  • Preheat the oven to 90°.
  • Beat the egg whites, then once mounted add the lemon juice and the caster sugar gradually while continuing to beat. Stop beating 30 seconds and then repeat for 30 more seconds.
  • Add the icing sugar gently with a spatula to the meringue and then put the preparation in a pocket socket and pochez 8 balls in a circle on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper.
  • Bake for 1 hour 30 minutes.
  • Remove the meringue from the oven and leave to cool.
  • Prepare the whipped cream, for this open on the top of the box of coconut milk and collect the cream. Beat until of whipped cream then add the icing sugar and vanilla grains and then continue to beat 30 seconds. Put the whipped cream in a pocket with a star tip.
  • Pochez the whipped cream on the meringue and then finish by adding the lychees (drained) and coconut chips.
  • Refrigerate if you are not serving the pavlova on.


Good pavlova !

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