The peanut butter is my little quirk (and Mr.) on the sandwiches of the breakfast and do house was really a discovery. There are two varieties of peanut butter, smoothie and crunchy, and it is really crunchy which I prefer because these small pieces that throw in the tooth it’s just… umm… happiness !

Good and then this is more of a mashed peanut, because the recipe contains no oil added. And to continue on the same trend, I’ve chosen to sweeten it with sugar full, which gives it a slight taste of caramel which is not to displease me !

Don’t worry, it should go well if you have a good blender, or if you stop often to avoid overheating !

Peanut butter house

Ingredients (for 2 jars)

  • 500 g of peanut kernels
  • 2 c. s. of cane sugar full (type rapadura)
  • 1 c. c. grey salt


Put in the blender the half of the peanuts and mix until the batter is ” wet “.

Then add the other half of the peanuts, the sugar and the salt. Mix again until desired consistency, and adjust sugar and salt if needed.

And lo and behold, it is simple, delicious and you know what there is inside…

Written by Doc

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