It is, finally, the return of the season of the bear’s garlic from us in the mountains, but if, you know, this plant is fabulous in the good taste of garlic (hence the name !!!), found in the undergrowth. Last year I had proposed to make of capers but also the butter to base of flower buds. This year it is a pesto which is my favorite, but not a pesto classic, no, a pesto vegan ! Without cheese it goes without saying, but with good almond puree, which goes perfectly with the bear’s garlic (or garlic teddy bear for friends !!!).

This pesto is to be done with 100% of the leaves of bear’s garlic or flower buds or a mix of the two, you see !

Pesto of bear’s garlic {recipe vegan}

Ingredients (for 1 jar)

  • 70 g of leaf bear’s garlic
  • 30 g of flower buds of garlic of bears
  • 30 g of almond puree
  • 30 cl of olive oil
  • Salt and pepper


Wash and dry the bear’s garlic and then mix it with oil, and the almond puree. season to your taste.

Put it in the pot and it is already finished !!!

Serve with pasta or roasted vegetables. Keep cool.

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