It is always nice to have more pie dough in his book of recipes, and today, this will be a version of pie dough for the poppy that you can decline so much in sweet as salty. Suffice it to add or remove the teaspoon of sugar.

And as you might expect, that says the pie dough said recipe to come… Then, you bet on of the sweet or savoury !?
Go, I say to you, this will be sweet. And I can immediately tell you that it was absolutely delicious ! But you can still try to find… ��

Pie dough poppy

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  • 240 g of flour
  • 125 g of butter
  • 4 tbsp of cold water
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 2 c. c. of poppy seeds
  • 1 c. c. of sugar (optional)



  • In a large bowl, mix the flour, salt, poppy seed and butter cut into small dice. You can also put the sugar if you want to use this pie crust for a dessert.
  • Work quickly by sanding. The butter should be covered with the flour to form ‘sand’.
  • Add the water and mix again using your fingers until you obtain a homogeneous paste. It must not be a trace of butter alone.
  • Let stand a bit at room temperature and then lay it out. Prick the bottom with a fork, and garnish according to the recipe you want to make.


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