Pineapple cleanses the body of toxins, and promotes weight loss. This wonderful tropical fruit is often used in a variety of cleansing programs, weight loss diets, and not only.

Pineapple homeland is South America, particularly Brazil. This fruit is cultivated where the temperature exceeds 20 degrees Celsius (plantations in China, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Hawaii).

The fruit weighs an average of 1-2 kg and has a distinctive trail of leaves. Ripe pineapple is a true health treasure. It is rich in nutrients necessary to maintain and strengthen the immune system. Of course, we are talking about fresh fruit instead of canned, because canned one is losing the beneficial properties.

Fortunately, today there are no problems with the purchase of fresh pineapple. They can be purchased in any supermarket, but you should pay attention to ripeness.

Pineapple benefits

Pineapple loves active sun and high tropical temperatures. Thus, the pulp of ripe fruit is yellow, like the sun, sweet and juicy. In addition to the delicious taste of pineapple brings many benefits to the body. It is rich in vitamins A, B complex (B1, B2, B6), C, PP, folic acid; minerals (potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, manganese). Also, pineapple is valued by its enzymes, such as photolytic enzyme bromeliad, amylase.

Pineapple is often used for weight loss, strengthen the immune system, lower blood pressure, improve mood and improve digestion. This fruit stimulates the burning of fat, promotes detoxification.

This tropical fruit is extremely low in calories. One kilogram of pineapple contains about 590 calories. It is rich in fiber, which is important for intestinal, and it stimulates fat burning enzymes and improves digestion.

Pineapple can be used not only for weight loss but also for bowel cleansing. Its fibers remove toxic wastes from the colon, eliminate constipation. In addition, the fibers provide a feeling of satiety, and it is ideal for weight loss.

The enzyme bromeliad helps to not only losing weight, but it also has anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous effects, and prevents the formation of blood clots. Consequently, the pineapple should be included in daily diet for people with cardiovascular disease, arthritis, digestive problems.

Pineapple is often used in cosmetics for skin whitening, removal of pigmented spots and strengthening blood vessels. Organic fruit acids gently exfoliate dead skin cells, so it is ideal for peeling.

Cosmetics based on pineapple can be used for any skin type, but especially recommended for those with the presence of hyperpigmentation, acne, inflammation or redness.

Pineapple water

Pineapple water

Pineapple contraindications

Despite the obvious benefits of pineapple, it is not recommended to use for people with certain diseases. Contraindications: duodenal ulcer, liver disease, kidney failure, ulcers, high blood pressure and high acidity of the stomach.

In addition, pregnant women should be careful in the use of pineapple, as juice from the leaves and unripe fruits can cause miscarriage.

Bromeliad contained in pineapples may affect certain drugs:  particularly antibiotics, anticoagulants, sedatives, antidepressants. It is necessary to consult a doctor.

Popular pineapple diet

Pineapple diet is one of the most popular and effective diets for weight loss. However, it is often characterized by the fact that the menu has only one pineapple. It should be remembered that an unbalanced diet over a long period may lead to side-effects (nausea, dizziness, headache, mood swings).

Pineapple diet is popular in that short period of time there is a significant weight loss. Although experts say that the kilos are lost not only because of the pineapple in the diet, but also because the body loses water and energy supplies. Fat accumulation usually occurs again after canceling the diet.

Pineapple diet is not suitable for a long period, because it may be harmful. Usually that diet takes 1 – 2 days. During this period, you need to eat 2 – 3 kg of pineapple a day. In addition, it is permitted to drink water, pineapple juice, green tea or herbal teas.

Now pay attention to this 7 days pineapple diet.

During the diet you should delete from the menu cheese, sausages, alcohol, fried foods, and sweets. The amount of water consumed and herbal tea should be 8 glasses per day.

  • First day: breakfast, eat low-fat yogurt (125 ml) + kiwi; two hours before the meal, eat 2 slices of orange, 2 slices of pineapple; for lunch cook steamed vegetables, 2 eggs, 80 grams of bread; at lunch, eat a banana; for dinner cook vegetable soup with the addition of olive oil and rice.
  • Second day: breakfast, cook fruit salad, bread; 2 hours before the meal, eat a few slices of pineapple; lunch, cook boiled fish with rice, green salad, bread; at lunch, eat any fruit; dinner, cook shrimp with boiled or steamed vegetables, baked apple with the addition of cloves.
  • Third day: breakfast, eat yogurt (125 ml) with 2 slices of pineapple, cereal, an apple; lunch, cook boiled chicken breast with steamed or boiled vegetables, 2 rice cakes, snack salad; for dinner, prepare the noodles with vegetables, fish stew, green salad or cocktail.
  • Fourth day: breakfast, sandwich with honey or apricot jam; two hours before dinner, eat pineapple + orange juice; lunch, cook vegetables with lean meat + green salad, bread; eat a pear + 6 pieces in afternoon tea, walnuts; for dinner, prepare couscous + pineapple
  • Fifth day: breakfast, eat low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese, fruit salad with pineapple slices, bread; lunch, cook potato salad, boiled fish with rice, 2 rice cakes; at lunch, eat 6 walnuts; dinner cook vegetable soup, green salad with olive oil + green beans.
  • Sixth day: breakfast, eat a sandwich with honey, orange juice; two hours before the meal, eat 2 slices of pineapple; lunch, cook pilaf rice with meat turkey + pineapple; at lunch, eat a banana, drink a green smoothie; dinner, cook soup from vegetables (cilantro, carrots, celery, onion) + 180 g of cooked meat.
  • Seventh day: at breakfast, eat a slice of pineapple, yogurt, cereal; lunch of boiled rice, steamed fish, salad; in the afternoon, eat pineapple sandwich with honey; dinner, cook meat with eggplant, baked potatoes.
  • Do not forget every day to drink 8 glasses of water, tea.
Pineapple juice

Pineapple juice

Cleansing the body with pineapple water

At home, you can make a useful cleansing drink of pineapple, which contribute to not only lose weight but also detoxify.

  • Cleansing cocktail with pineapple: Mix 0.5 cups of pineapple juice with water, 0.5 cups. Take a drink every day in the morning. Purification rate: 1 month.
  • Pineapple cocktail for slimming: take ¼ of fresh pineapple, 2 medium carrots, 1 orange. Squeeze the juice from the orange fruit and carrots cut into slices and chop the blender. This cocktail can be drunk every day at lunch.
  • Kidney Cleansing: Pineapple is known for its diuretic effect, so it can be used to cleanse the kidneys (read here). Its juice improves metabolism, removes toxins from the kidneys, it prevents the formation of stones and sand. To do this, take ¼ of pineapple and 1 cup of rice milk. Grind foods in a blender to desired consistency. Use this cleansing method regularly, and your kidneys will be all right.

How to prepare pineapple water for health? Here there are some useful recipes:

Pineapple water means cleansing the body of toxins, treatment of digestive disorders and diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, liver, kidneys.

Ingredients: 1 pineapple, water.

Preparation: remove the rind from the pineapple, place it in a pot and fill it with water. Bring to a boil and simmer for another 15-20 minutes. Then remove the pan from the heat and leave the broth for 30 minutes. The resulting broth should be gradually pineapple drink during the day.

Let’s try to cook pineapple water as the Mexicans do it.

Composition (about 1.5 L to drink): 1 ripe pineapple, 4 tablespoons grated coconut, 2 tablespoons sugar (or to taste), water – to taste.

Preparation: clean the pineapple and cut it into pieces. Grind it with blender along with grated coconut and sugar. Then dilute with water to taste, add more sugar if necessary.

Hope that these recipes will be useful for you!

Written by Elizabeth R. Wheeler

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