The quince… it always looks a little through the market wondering what we could do !!! Bah of quince paste, of course !!! With Mr it has become the ritual at the end of each fall… we buy our kilo of quinces at the market and it launches out in the manufacture of quince paste house. Ok I’m not going to deny it is work, it is better to be two to dry the dough in order to relay (must also have a good arm !). But the result is so good (and then there is also a little proud of oneself) that our quince paste to us and it is the best in the world (if so) ! And then if you keep the juice and add sugar, you will have the added bonus of quince jelly for the winter !

This is a recipe that can be enjoyed at the small as the great taste but also at all times of the day. Come on, don’t be shy, try it !

Quince paste

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  • 1 kg of quinces
  • 700 g cane sugar



  • Rub the quinces with a cloth to remove the fuzz.
  • Cut into coarse pieces without peeling, put them in a pot and cover with water to height.
  • Let it cook 20 min and separate the fruit from the cooking water, let them drain well and pass the fruit to the mill vegetables.
  • You can keep the cooking water to make the jelly corner (1 litre of juice to 500g of sugar to cook for 10 min).
  • Get the puree of quinces, and add the sugar and then put in a pan to “dry” the dough.
  • Roll out the dough on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper and let dry for several days so that the dough hardens.
  • Cut into squares and roll in sugar.

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