We have launched the fourth edition of the Battle Food two weeks ago, on the theme of the rollers at base of leaf of rice. And we are super but then too too too much happy to see that the theme you liked, because you are more numerous to participate to this great event created by Sunrise over Sea.

The ” raw “act is, as you may have understood, a cute play on words for the names of the rolls, all raw ! Beet, carrot, sprouted seeds, salad…in short only good things that crackle under the teeth and full of pretty colors for the winter !

Result : the set is super crisp and fresh, perfect for lunch or a light dinner.

“Raw “act fall-winter collection (roll-fall)

Ingredients (for 8 rolls)

  • 8 sheets of rice
  • 1 red beet, raw
  • 1 large carrot
  • 100 g of germinated seeds varied (here, alfalfa and fennel)
  • 8 lettuce leaves
  • 100 g rice vermicelli


Peel and grate the carrot.

Peel and make thin slices of beet with a mandolin.

Replenish the rice vermicelli in lukewarm water for 10 min then drain well.

Have the rice paper on a clean tea towel, fold over the rice paper and moisten it. After a few minutes the rice paper is softened and is ready to be furnished and rolled.

Arrange the slices of beetroot (about 2 rolls), a little grated carrot, sprouts, vermicelli and leaf salad, all of it at the end of the rice paper. Fold the edges of the leaf over the stuffing and then roll everything tightly.

Repeat for the remaining rolls.

Serve cold with a little sauce shoyu. Good roll of autumn !

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And see you here in a week for the relay switch for the Battle Food #5 !

Has any of the ‘casters’ (ok it’s not top notch but I have not found another word game !!!) !

Battle Food #5 : The decision of the random generator is dropped, the new godmother of the Battle Food is… drum roll (say what, then, is that it rolls by here at the moment !)… By Plou !

Looking forward to see what you concoct for edition 5 !

Written by Doc

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