I’m not to my first home-made marmalade, but here, there’s a little change and I’ve never tested the jelly of currants home. For a first, it is a success, and as usual, I allowed myself to be surprised by the volume of fruit initial and the amount of jam that you put in the pot at the end. Finally, the texture is top-notch, pleasant, and easy-to-spread at breakfast.

I’ve still not enough to last all winter then it’s going to take me as I recover by the end of the month of September, with the good fruit that is found up there : apricots, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, plums and even gooseberries…

Today is the anniversary of my loulou, 1 year !! It’s amazing how the time pass more quickly when you become a mom… I made her a cake with yogurt, very simple but I will try to make it a more nice…

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  • 1 kg of red currants
  • Sugar



  • Wash and équeutez currants.
  • Drop them into a fact.
  • Heat for 20 minutes on medium heat and break the grains by crushing them a little.
  • Drain a whole night to recover the maximum amount of juice.
  • The next day, weigh the juice collected and add the same weight of sugar cubes. Stir in well.
  • Cook and bring to the boil for 5 minutes and put into jars previously sterilized.



  • Adapt the quantities of sugar to those of syrup of currants obtained.


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