Even if it is cold in this season, we still have a chance to enjoy a few days of sun and a good recipe, full of freshness is always good. It is for this reason that I propose to you a recipe adapted with this salad, fall spinach and gizzards. Of course there are other goodies inside.

Okay, I admit, it is not really a recipe, but more of a blend, but at times, it is always handy to have an idea for a recipe of this type under the elbow. It can vary a bit while doing the full of vitamins and more, it is a treat in a concentrated color !!

Salad autumn spinach and gizzards

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  • 200 g fresh spinach
  • 10 gizzards
  • 1/2 apple
  • 10 nuts
  • 2 plates with county
  • Hazelnut oil
  • Vinegar balsamic glazed



  • After having well washed the spinach, divide the leaves between the plates.
  • Sauté, on low heat, the gizzards and add to spinach.
  • Cut the apple into strips and place them in the plates. As I use organic apples, I wash them simply and do the peels not.
  • After having broken the nuts, divide into bowls.
  • Season with salt and pepper, drizzle with the hazelnut oil and cream of vinegar balsamic.
  • Treat yourself well by doing full of freshness and vitamins !


So, not bad !? Maybe if I have time, I will give you another version of salad with autumn. At worst it will be for the winter season that is fast approaching soon… I have lots of ideas in any case? We can make arrangements to infinity ! Between the different types of salads, nuts, fruits, condiments…

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