Today in Grenoble, big blue skies, sun and 20°, no, no, no I didn’t become miss weather, but it must be that I justify the fact that you get out a salad recipe in the month of April. And then, I say, that after the orgy of chocolate Easter he had to get back a little on the right path and ready for the summer (ouiiii you know the test of the shirt !). It is a bit because I found the wasabina, this salad looks like the kale and a spicy flavour such as wasabi, I wanted to combine the very on-trend black rice and the wasabina to the blood orange to make a rice salad which changes a little from Grandma ! If you follow me, you’ll notice that these oranges are much more blood than those of the cake and the orange, yes, because after this failure I went to look for blood oranges worthy of the name !!! I do not promise you the physique of a miss weather, but at least this salad of black rice is fresh and light !

If you do not like the side too crunchy wasabina, you can always put it to blanch 1 minute in boiling water, salted and then put it to cool in the chilly water, but it will be more tender (do not thank me it is a gift !).

Salad of black rice in the wasabina and orange

For 2 people Save Print Ingredients

  • 1 glass of black rice
  • 1 bunch of wasabina
  • 1 blood orange
  • The juice of half an orange
  • The juice of half a lemon
  • 1 good drizzle of olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon of mustard
  • The Espelette pepper



  • Cook the rice as indicated on the packet, drain and leave to cool.
  • Wash the wasabina and cut coarsely.
  • Peel the orange and cut into supreme and then mix the rice, the wasabina and the orange together.
  • For the sauce mix together the mustard and the orange juice and lemon and then mount the sauce with olive oil, season with salt and a pinch of Espelette pepper and pour over the salad

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