Here’s an idea of fruit salad was the whole simple to make ahead or last minute, according to your desire. In this time, be it salads, sweet or savory, I think that it became my food, exclusive of the summer, finally, especially this year with the wonderful day, extremely hot and dry we’ve had this year.

I admit that in normal times I am rather a big fan of the heat, yes, real heat ! For me, between 35° and 40°, it can be bearable and I appreciate that, but after several summers rotten, I told myself that this year would be a bit like that. It is nothing at all, and as if by chance, this summer, I’m pregnant and my legs are starting to no longer look like real legs but rather large posts !! Anyway, I’m not gonna complain, in a few weeks I will have a nice gift, the more beautiful it is !! So it is for this reason that I made this good salad of summer fruits.

In short, whatever it is, this salad of summer fruits has nothing to complicated but I suggest you just an idea of association of fresh fruit summer…

Salad of summer fruits and coulis nougat

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  • 1 fishing
  • 10 strawberries
  • 10 raspberries
  • 1 knob of butter
  • A few mint leaves well in fresh
  • 1 teaspoon of coulis nougat per bowl (optional)
  • A few slivered almonds (optional)



  • Cut the peach into small thin strips and pan fried with a knob of butter and then pour into a bowl.
  • Add the strawberries whole or cut into chunks depending on their variety and size, and then the raspberries.
  • Add a few mint leaves, toss gently and refrigerate while serving.
  • Then pour the coulis, nougat and add the slivered almonds and toasted on the top.


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