Modern life abounds in toxins which enter in our bodies in a big quantity. Every day our bodies struggle to eliminate all wastes. A healthy colon is a key to this difficult process. Today most people are unaware of one fact: a salt water flush is a highly efficacious method to cleanse your colon. This way is less expensive than all known colonic irrigation proceedings. Some folks may distrust or conduct argue about the benefits of detoxing by cleansing the digestive tract, but nobody disclaims the want of defending your body against the harmful germs and toxins that exist copiously in our dangerous environment. There are some reliable means for staying healthy. One of them is salt water cleanse.

What is salt water cleanse good for?

Saltwater helps to purify the whole digestive system and certain organs inside the body. This cure may be used in order to treat such illnesses as common colds, fever, cardiovascular disease (high blood pressure), digestive ailments, and degenerative related diseases. Sea salt solution intake lets us to use the body’s defense mechanism with the purpose to suspend for a while “digestion”, and activate the “elimination” mechanism for removing from the organism the salt water as quick as possible.

The toxins accumulated in your body inhibit its ability to get rid naturally of poisons which could infirm your health and even kill you.

Salt water flushes are safer than such traditional procedures as colonics and enemas and more effective. Usual colonics treat strictly the colon, while salt water flushes influence the entire digestive tract, with no unpleasant side effects and harmful consequences.

The preliminary stage of procedure

First of all you should begin to follow paleo diet or salt detox diet. It consists of eliminating processed food from your meals and cleansing your digestive system from the chemicals many food companies often inject into tasteful, but junk food. You should avoid grains, products which contain soy, several vegetables, beans, peanuts and some habitual unhealthy products.

The next step of salt detox is a flush which should be made occasionally. It’s very easy, quick enough and very efficient. It will make you feel cleaner. The toxins built up on your intestinal walls will go away by the short time due to the saltwater flush.

Salt water

Salt water detox

The basic procedure

  1. Add two teaspoons of non-iodized sea salt to 120 ml of pure room temperature water.
  2. Stir it till the complete solution.
  3. Then drink rapidly this solution.
  4. It is necessary to do this on an empty stomach in the morning before the breakfast.
  5. Make certain a bathroom is not far because you will need it immediately after saltwater consumption.

Some people lie down on the right side for 15 – 20 minutes after drinking the solution to make sure it gets into the bowels through the stomach more efficiently.

There are some recommendations which help to make this useful procedure not so burdensome.

For example: chew up a segment of a lemon or lime before drinking the saltwater. This will help you to swallow it faster and easier.

Another method: make ready a glass of boiled and cooled or filtered water, then 2 teaspoons of salt mix into approximately 30 ml of this water and drink it keeping some lemon in the mouth. When getting down, drink the rest of the pure water. Thus the drink will become more agreeable.

Salt Water Flush Benefits

Bear in mind! The effects appear only after 2-4 days, not immediately. They are usually manifested through a fresh breath, a deep sleep and disappearance of problem with skin (rushes and pimples), a sense of lightness throughout the organism, improved process of digestion.


  • immune system becomes stronger;
  • the sweat doesn’t have an unpleasant odor;
  • the complexion is bright, the glance is radiant;
  • metabolism functions properly, balance in the body appears.

Most people who suffer from overweight may lose some kilograms and vice versa people who are too thin may gain some weight.


Prior to Cleanse. If you are constipated, you need to clean your gut with epsom salt or herbal tea which has a safe laxative effect (senna, nettle, garcinia) for 1-2 days before beginning this cleanse.

NOTE:for persons who comes down with advanced forms of such ailments like ulcer, intestinal tuberculosis, appendicitis, or cancer this technique is barred from use.

During the Cleanse. Try to avoid alcohol (in any quantity), spicy foods, processed or fried foods and anything heavy during these 7 days of natural cure. Your digestive tract will become clear like in childhood.

After the Cleanse. Before eating, think about what food might be the best for a small child in order to make a healthy wholesome everyday menu.

The salt water detox through the flushes is acknowledged as a simple, natural and safe alternative to different colon cleanses which are expensive and implex. Rid your body of toxic “deposits” and you will feel soon the benefits of this treatment: increased energy, weight loss, good digestion and strong immune system.

Written by Elizabeth R. Wheeler

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