When you hear milk plant we often think about the soy milk, but they will vary and we will use the lai of the hazelnut. I use at home, instead of the “milk” or “juice” plant rice, oats, spelt, hazelnut, almond… today I am offering small pots of chocolate cream-hazelnut, an association that works wonderfully (what ?! Who doesn’t like spreads ?!!!) and so regressive !

So I use for this recipe milk hazelnut, but you are also free to give a different taste to your jars by using another milk plant. In addition it is light, digestible and complex !

Then you try ?! In any case, for us, it became our dessert darling.

Small pots of chocolate cream-hazelnut {vegan}

Ingredients (for 10 small pots)

  • 1 litre of plant milk with hazelnut
  • 300 g dark chocolate, full-bodied
  • 5 c. s. of cane sugar
  • 1 c. c. of agar-agar powder


Heat the milk plant, sugar and agar-agar in a saucepan, bring to a boil for 2 min.

Off the heat add the chocolate pieces and whisk vigorously until all the chocolate is melted and in order to obtain a frothy consistency.

Divide into smaller jars and put in the fridge for 3 hours minimum.

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