Here is a smoothie soft with Mr. we have decided to call ” the Winter Sunday’s smoothie “. While we are in the spring but this was our smoothie Sunday this winter !

It is a smoothie simply delicious, which incorporates an exotic fruit the longan. To simplify, it is a kind of lychee with a shell beige, of course you should find a good grocery store asian so if you don’t have one, replace with lychees !

Smoothie banana, longan, coconut milk, ” the Winter Sunday’s smoothie “

Ingredients (for 4)

  • 2 bananas
  • Fifteen of longans peeled and pitted
  • 25 cl of coconut milk
  • The juice of 4 oranges (about 30 cl)
  • The zest of a lime


Squeeze the oranges and reserve the juice.

In a blender, mix together the bananas, longans and coconut milk until a consistency is frothy. Add the orange juice and mix.

Before serving, grate a little lime zest on top.

Drink well chilled.

Written by Doc

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