It’s hot…just by writing these 3 words, I struggle and I sweat… but I know you’re all there to wait for a small recipe (yes I’m dreaming a bit but I have the right non ?!) ! Today, therefore, heat forces, I offer you a recipe of smoothie strawberry watermelon ultra refreshing. Good because there I really but then not really feel like cooking (you too ?!) and I just want to stuff fresh !!! Then the smoothie it’s perfect and it makes you use this blender that takes the dust tail on the bench or in the cupboards for a little while (it is useless to deny !!!) !

Well I know the peppermint is not super easy to find, but once you have found the right dealer of vegetables, or a plan to pamper yourself and you will not be able to you spend for your desserts. It tastes like chlorophyll fresh, very refreshing and goes perfectly with the strawberry. Moreover, I propose to you soon with other recipes with this mint so special.

Then this evening, you’ll soon buy a good watermelon, strawberry, and peppermint to make this smoothie.

Smoothie strawberry, watermelon and peppermint, ” the refreshing “

Ingredients (for 4 glasses)

  • 250 g of strawberries
  • 1/2 watermelon, without seeds
  • Ten peppermint leaves


Wash and remove the stem of strawberries and then place in the blender.

Cut the watermelon into pieces and then add it to the strawberries.

Then end, add the mint leaves previously washed.

Mix 2 minutes or until there are more chunks and the mixture is well sparkling.

Serve cold for a more refreshing !

Good smoothie !

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