I believe that I would have never eaten watermelon this year… and apart from the nibbling such what is coming out of the fridge (effect thirst-quenching warranty), you could see that I loved the taste in a smoothie. Then after the “refreshing” strawberry and peppermint, and the “confusing” grapefruit and basil, here is ” candy “, a smoothie with watermelon raspberry for a mixture very girly ! But don’t ask me to choose my favorite between the three it is not for me !!!

What you fill up in your breakfast, because, yes, a smoothie, it only takes a few seconds to perform, and it is so fresh and nourishing that I might want go for a good start to the day…yes I’m addicted to natural vitamins !

Who is it for the good smoothie ?!!!

Smoothie watermelon raspberry ” candy “

Ingredients (for 2 glasses)

  • 125 g raspberries (here frozen)
  • 1/2 small watermelon seedless
  • The juice of half a lemon


Wash and put the raspberries in the blender.

Cut the watermelon into pieces and then add it to the raspberries.

Then end by adding the lemon juice.

Mix 2 minutes or until there are more chunks and the mixture is well sparkling.

Push the mixture to the chinese, if like me you don’t like the grains of raspberries !

Serve fresh !

Written by Doc

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