Oh the smoothies…my great passion of the moment ! Yes it is like that, I don’t know you, but I work a little under the modes and at the moment this are the smoothies to watermelon. Because yes, after the smoothie strawberry watermelon, “confusing” is the model of the day, but as I like to spoil you (do not thank me !), there will still be a version to come (I say that when I love, I don’t count !) !!!

So I have prepared this smoothie watermelon for friends, a day where the heat was really oppressive, and I believe that this blow of fresh air they liked. Yes, because I had never married the watermelon with basil, not even the grapefruit, and I have to say that the result is…confusing (well found the name, no ?!) !!! I assure you, this smoothie is a treat, I love his lil side of glib, well, yes, basil, sweet and we eat them when not even all of the days !

A smoothie you can chew with gusto (it’s just an expression, huh ?!) !!!

Smoothie watermelon, grapefruit and basil ” confusing ”

Ingredients (for 4 glasses)

  • 1/2 watermelon, without seeds
  • The juice of two grapefruits
  • A dozen basil leaves


Cut the watermelon into pieces and then put it in the blender.

Then add the grapefruit juice and the basil leaves washed.

Mix 2 minutes or until there are more chunks and the mixture is well sparkling, and that’s all !

Serve fresh !

Written by Doc

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