I always love the season of pick-ups, whatever they are, they fill me always of happiness. The arrival of spring means the arrival of the first flowers, and in particular those of acacia and lilac. After having for the first time to try the fritters of acacia which we enjoyed, I also wanted to enjoy their fragrance leaving it to infuse in the sugar. Sugar flowers or sugar flowers this is what I suggest you do with the flowers that you will be able to pick in the mountains or elsewhere. The lilac and acacia work really well for this recipe, but you can also try to experiment with lavender, rose or jasmine.

I leave you with this recipe that is not really a, but I admit more an excuse to photograph these lovely flowers.

Sugar flowers

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  • 150 g of caster sugar
  • A handful of flowers of your choice (here a lilac and acacia)



  • Detach the flowers from the branch and mix in the sugar. Put it in the pot and let it infuse.
  • Filter after a month and use it on a cake, yogurt…


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