Last year, when I began to explore Pinterest, I came across a photo that inspired me a lot. So I said that it was absolutely essential that I test this summer salad, which seemed to me perfect. I liked the agreement of the flavors and the formatting. But the summer has come to pass and I had not taken the time to realize it.

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity 2 times. So this year, I bought all these great ingredients of the season and I started to work on adapting the original recipe of this salad salty. The result is really too GOOD, too good, super refreshing and easy to do for a remarkable effect.

I loved this so much formatting to serve this summer salad salty that I set the scene with a small camera vintage.

Summer salad sweet, salty

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  • 1/4 of watermelon
  • 1/2 melon
  • 1 avocado
  • 100g of feta cheese
  • 4 sprigs of chives
  • 2 handfuls mixed (linseed, sunflower, sesame, etc.)



  • You only have to cut the watermelon, melon, avocado, and feta into cubes about 2cm wide, and assemble them into a pattern ” checkerboard “. Have fun with the formatting and the order of the ingredients. For a prettier effect, I advise you to choose one ingredient dominating the establishment, the watermelon in my case, and arrange the cubes diagonal. Have then the other ingredients at random in the free spaces.
  • Cisaillez chives on your salad.
  • At serving time, sprinkle the seed mixture that you have previously roasted. Pour a small drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. You can also lightly season with salt and pepper.


And voila, you can serve and impress your guests with this table culinary…

Then she tries this salad ? Even I, who don’t like watermelon, I was seduced by its freshness. And as I bought a watermelon whole, I can tell you that I am going to eat… I have interest to find other recipes ! Do you have any ideas ?

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