The strawberry is undoubtedly the fruit that I look forward to the most with the arrival of spring, we forget the citrus and we are pleased with the first small fruits (the joys of simple, what !). Good and then you also know my great love for the rhubarb, and although the association of strawberry-rhubarb is well-known, I have never cooked together. This fault is now repaired with these small tartlets are cooked and raw, with a base of shortbread breton not home-made…

Well, yes because I don’t know for you but here it is more than warm today so the urge to turn on the oven… and then I’m a little lazy on the edges… then hop a packet of shortbread from brittany in the closet and a small simple fun and fresh !!!

It is so fast that you will hallucinate (however, this recipe contains only natural ingredients and non-doubtful !) !!!

Tart with strawberries and stewed rhubarb

Ingredients (for 4 tarts)

  • 250 g of strawberries (the gariguette)
  • 200 g of rhubarb
  • 50 g of sugar cane
  • 1 sachet of vanilla sugar

For the base

  • 300 g of shortbread biscuits bretons
  • 100 g of butter


Made the stewed rhubarb, for this wash and cut the rhubarb into pieces and put to cook with the sugar in a saucepan over medium heat and covered for 10 minutes. Stir occasionally during the cooking and then leave to cool.

Mix the shortbread breton, and mix them with the butter previously melted. Spread a layer of biscuits in a carry-pieces and place in a cool 15 minutes.

Wash and cut the strawberries in half lengthwise and then mix it with the sachet of vanilla sugar. Let steep 10 minutes.

At the time of serving have the basics of shortbread breton, on the plates, then add the compote of rhubarb. Have over the strawberries.

Enjoy following otherwise the dough will soak up the rhubarb juice !

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