Ahhhh the Battle Food… after it was godmother for the fourth edition with the theme of the rollers, I followed more or less the pace in recent months, but I have to confess that I really won when I created this blog ! So for 2015 I caught up with me, and I began the year by participating in the Battle Food #27 ” the almond madness “, designed by the talented Stephanie’s blog Kitchen me a sheep. So, yes, it is Sunday so I’m a weak girl, and I prepares us a good breakfast (yes because the brunch for us it is not possible with Mini-Mademoiselle, you would have time to die of hunger !) with waffles. And there, oh surprise, waffles vegan almond base (bah yes it is the theme anyway !) and blueberry, well…because it is good ! And the result you ask ?! Well it is really very nice, we feel the almond and the blueberries bring a little touch of tangy and delicious.

Good and then no excuses for the lil-breakfast or brunch next Sunday or for the taste, because it takes no more than 5 minutes to prepare !

Waffles vegan almond milk and blueberries

For 8-10 waffles Save Print Ingredients

  • 150 g of wheat flour bise
  • 40 g of almond powder
  • 20 cl of almond milk
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 50 g agave syrup
  • 20 g of margarine, vegetable fondue
  • 1 tablespoon of baking powder
  • A few drops of lemon juice
  • 150 g blueberries, fresh or frozen



  • In a bowl, mix the flour, the almond powder, the baking powder and make a well.
  • Add the agave syrup, margarine and mashed banana in the center and then mix.
  • Mix little by little with the almond milk to get a smooth paste then add the lemon juice.
  • Finish by adding the blueberries.
  • Make your waffles !


And to see the other entries, it’s here with Stephanie, the godmother !

Written by Doc

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