Today we are going to talk about a simple idea that is critical to proper detoxification. It is water detox. Many of us know we need more water we just do not understand why. We have many reasons why actually. The first reason is simple it helps clean the toxins from our kidneys and liver. Second reason we are made of eighty percent water! This is why you feel ill when you are dehydrated. The problem is you can be over hydrated where you are drinking too much water. While that seems silly it is true too much water will make your electrolyte and sodium levels low.

Ways to incorporate water

Many of us live where the tap water is not appealing. So we often buy the bottled water or skip water completely. While bottled water is an option you have other variations. Think of the big filtration systems that pump out the water for the gallon or bigger jugs. This is an idea buy a bigger jug, I personally have a two gallon jug in my fridge. Fill the jug with water either leave it out at room temperature, heat it up, or place in the fridge. This way you have a constant supply of water at the temperature you enjoy. Also using the bigger jugs allows for you to use a refillable container instead of the plastic bottles. These machines often cost very little to refill the jug. Where I live the price is twenty five cents a gallon. Some places are less some are a little more, it is still cheaper than buying the cases of bottles. Also keep in mind that many of the bottled versions are just someone else’s’ tap water that has been filtered. Aquafina, Dasani, Evian, Nestle pure life. Those are just a few some of the store brands are also just filtered tap water.

Water for health

The importance of water

Just be sure with the refillable container that it is safe. The metal ones need to be heavy metal free think lead and cadmium. The plastic ones need to be BPA free, it is the number seven plastic. A glass container is a great idea just be sure the glass is thick and tempered to lessen shattering on dropping. Some companies make refillable bottles with mini filters included so you can fill from any tap. Once you have both the water and container ready you will be more willing to grab the water.

Water filter companies

Brita, faucet, pitcher and water bottle filters

Pur, faucet and pitcher

Zero, faucet and pitcher

Evenpure, refrigerator filter, faucet mount,

Aqua- pure, full home filtration system,

GE, full home filtration system,

Crystal Quest, full home filtration system,

Whirlpool, refrigerator filters, faucet and pitcher, also mounts to the homes pipes directly

Why you should not skip water

For those that prefer to skip it why? Is it the taste of the tap water? You can buy a filter. Either one that clicks onto the kitchen faucet or one that comes in a pitcher. Those that have the fridges that offer water you can buy filters for those as well. Just keep in mind some filters are made to taste like mineral water after it is filtered. If that taste is not what you like get the kind that leaves it clean but leaves no taste.

For some they prefer the carbonation in soda water, the bubbles. You can buy water that is carbonated, and often flavored. Also consider getting a soda stream machine you can turn water into the soda water. If you would much rather have soda, or you need the caffeine. Consider limiting your soda intake  such as setting a daily amount such as one bottle or can. One nice thing is the water enhancer producers also include versions with caffeine! Then switching to the water if needed switch to the water with bubbles. Some just do not like plain water, it is just unappealing. You have options you can add fruit and herbs. Also consider the water enhancers that you can squeeze flavor into your water. While the fruit is obviously the healthier option the enhancers will help you get used to drinking water. Once you are the habit of drinking water you can branch into the healthier variations.

A variation I have come to enjoy is cucumber and lemon. The cucumbers sweeten up the lemons tartness without adding extra sugar. Some prefer just lemon, also consider oranges or limes. For those that are not allergic you can add strawberries, kiwi, cherries with their pits removed, black berries, raspberries, and blue berries. Another nice option melon such as seedless watermelon, cantaloupe, Honey dew, musk melon. You can buy infusers that will hold the fruit or herbs so all you do is place it into the main water container. It will flavor the water, once the items need removing to replace with fresh just remove the infuser. You can also buy refillable glasses that have mini infusers in them. Just place small amounts of the fruit or herbs add water and enjoy, you can refill the glass as often as you like.

Water detox recipes

Coconut water

You can either buy this already made or you can make your own. To make your own you need either a whole coconut, or the milk. If you have a full coconut you need to break it in half over a large bowl. This will catch the milk as it escapes, you then harvest the coconut meat. Combine the meat and milk in a blender liquefy the contents. Combine with filtered water and shake vigorously. It will keep in the fridge for ten days, less at a warmer temperature

Cucumber water recipe

Buy or grow fresh cucumbers, slice into thin slices. Add to cold filtered water and stir. You can also add fresh mint to this recipe, wash the mint leaves, chop and add to the cumber water. Best when allowed to seep for an hour so the cucumbers have time to infuse the water.

Lemon water recipe

Using fresh lemons roll them on the counter. This will make it easier to slice them, slice them thin. Remove the seeds you can either dry and plant them or toss them. Once sliced into rounds you can slice into halves or fourths if you wish. Add to the cold filtered water and allow to seep for an hour. If you wish add a small teaspoon of sugar to lighten the lemons natural tartness. If you wish use a lemon half to garnish your drinking glass. You can add mint to this recipe as well instead of the sugar. Just wash and chop the leaves.

Berry water recipe

Use fresh berries for this recipe. Think strawberries, without the stems, raspberries, blackberries, blue berries. Cranberries, cherries, and pomegranate seeds can also be added. Be sure if you use cherries the pits are removed; Also the points off the raspberries and blackberries, the prinking sensation. Once clean and ready slice the strawberries, chop the cherries, blackberries and blueberries. Cranberries can be left whole just be warned they do float, makes for a nice garnish. Add the chopped berry mixture to cold filtered water and allow to seep an hour.

Citrus water recipe

Using lemons, oranges, limes, tangerines and tangelos, even grapefruits. Slice up the citrus remove all seeds. If you wish you can remove all rinds as well, do make sure to remove the produce stickers. Once sliced add to cold filtered water stir and allow to seep for an hour. Serve with a wedge of either lemon, lime or orange as a garnish.

Berry lemon recipe

Take the lemon roll on the counter and slice, remove seeds and sticker. Wash the berries remove stems, pits or pickers’, then chop them. You can also add pomegranate seeds in this recipe. Combine with cold filtered water, stir and allow to seep for an hour. The natural sweetness of the berries will make the tart of the lemon less noticeable.

Cucumber lemon recipe

Take the lemon roll on counter remove sticker and slice. Cucumber remove sticker and slice both thin. If you prefer a sweeter taste use more cucumber than lemon. If you prefer a more tart taste use more lemon than cucumber. Add mint by washing and chopping the leaves. Combine with cold filtered water stir and allow to seep for an hour.

Melon water recipe

Take melons like seedless watermelon, honeydew, musk melon, cantaloupe. Roll on the counter and remove stickers. Slice the melons open and remove the melon from the rinds. Cut up the melon into cubes, smaller cubes are better. Add melon cubes to cold filtered water stir and seep for an hour.

Apple Cinnamon water recipe

Take apples wash off the sticker and remove stems. Core the apple to remove the seeds and slice into fourths or eighths. Take whole cinnamon sticks and place at the bottom of the water container, add the water and apples. Stir and allow to seep for an hour.

Flavored ice cube recipe

Great for adding flavor and keeping your drink cold. You can take items like berries place in an ice cube tray. Fill the tray with water and freeze when frozen serve by adding to cold water. Once the ice melts the fruit will remain in the water flavoring it naturally.


  • Berries such as cranberries, cherries, raspberries and blueberries
  • Small lemon, lime or orange pieces without the rind
  • Mini melon cubes, without the rinds
  • Herbs such as mint, rosemary, thyme, washed and chopped prior
  • Coconut milk frozen without additional water
  • Pomegranate seeds, pair with cranberries for a flavor pop
  • Cranberry pomegranate ice cubes

Importance of water detoxification

The reason we need to have enough water in our system is to cleanse the kidneys and liver of toxins. In many cases those that suffer renal system failure, kidney  and bladder failure. Had habits where they either drank too little water or no water at all. In some cases renal system failure is genetic. So getting into the habit of drinking enough water and doing a water detoxification will lower the chance of failure.

How this works is the liver removes toxins from the fatty tissues and sends them to the kidneys to be removed through the process of urination. The problem is if your kidneys have failed the liver will send the toxins to your kidneys. They will then send the toxins back into your blood stream. Once enough toxin has accumulated in your blood stream you will die. This is why those with renal failure end up on the dialysis machines. Also those with liver failure need the detoxification diet the most. This helps both the failing liver and the kidneys to keep the toxins removed. The chances of you having both kidney and liver failure is higher when one system is failing. This is called a full system failure, when every system slowly shuts down. The dialysis machines only help when the kidneys get the toxins, the liver has to deliver them.

Those suffering either partial or full renal failure must also eat a strict diet. No fatty foods, no foods containing potassium, low sodium. Also they must watch their water consumption because it will become fluid around the heart. This fluid often times carries toxins so you end up poisoning your own heart. I know I just counter acted myself. For a person with healthy kidneys you can add more water and still have it flush toxins out. Someone with failing or failed kidneys must not add extra water or it accumulates the toxins and they retain the water. The dialysis machine is only used at the most four times a week. During the days the machine is not used the water must be limited to limit the toxicity level in the blood.

Best water

Drink more water, it is very useful!

Those with a donated kidney, also need to watch their diets. They cannot have the citrus water recipes at all! Any recipe using lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit is out! It counteracts with the anti rejection medication they need to keep the kidney from being rejected. They also need a low sodium diet and to watch their water consumption level. Those with one kidney need to be careful to not over hydrate constantly, the kidney simply cannot keep up alone. Going by the persons weight for the correct water amount is best. This way they get the right amount their bodies need yet do not overburden the kidney.

Another reason to water detoxify

A common thing we hear when we have a kidney or bladder infection is to up our water consumption. This is true it will flush out the infection much faster than a lower water consumption. You can also add the cranberry water recipe, or the cranberry ice cube recipe. Cranberry juice, and whole cranberries are great for removing infection from the kidneys. You can buy cranberry juice that is made without added sugar, or you can make your own. Just blend the cranberries and water until blended, you can also add things like cherries or grapes to this. Even infections In other places such as our ears, lungs, and blood benefit. The cranberries will take the infection from everywhere that the liver grabs with the toxins. A liver infection is the most dangerous it will not filter the toxins out when it is infected. Many doctors then recommend strong antibiotics and a water detoxification. This will remove the livers infection and help the kidneys keep the toxins removed.

If you suffer from chronic kidney or bladder infections you may wish to use the cranberry recipes the most. Drinking the cranberry water all the time will remove the infection and keep them at bay longer. Plus the berries look great as a garnish and your guests will wonder how you got them to float. Plus the ice cubes look great with the berries as well, a nice natural touch.

Water detoxification side effects

Over hydration

Low electrolyte levels

Low blood sodium levels

Increased urination

Increased bowel movements

All of these issues will abate when you reduce your water level back to what your body needs without adding extra. It does take some time for your body to adjust to the lower water consumption. Going from consuming ten to twelve glasses of water back down to seven or eight is a drop. It will take a couple of days for your body to get back to normal.  You cannot keep your body in the over hydration mode all the time it is not good for your overall health. Using it to flush out toxins every three months is fine, just keep the timing to a week or two at the most.

What is the right amount of water?

I spoke earlier about getting the correct amount of water. We have all been told that we need eight glasses. The issue is a glass varies by size the recommendation was eight ounces. Many of us have larger glasses so we need to figure out how many eight ounce servings are in the glass we use the most. For myself it is thirty two ounces, so I have four servings. I make sure I drink at minimum two of those a day, some days I may add more others a little less. The standard size of water bottle in the cases is sixteen point five ounces so roughly two point one servings. You need four bottles a day, this is why I say get a refillable container! Many want to use gallon jugs this is fine just remember you only need half a gallon a day. A full gallon is best for those that work in warmer temperatures and those that are more active.

It also goes by your weight this is why eight servings for one person is perfect while it can cause over hydration in someone else. For someone that is two hundred pounds you need seven servings a day. For someone that is a hundred pounds you only need four and a half servings. Also consider the weather the hotter it is the more important the water becomes. Things like soda will dehydrate you quickly in the heat. While during the colder months you do not need the extra water unless you are in a warmer building. Also consider how active you are, the more you sweat the more you need water! The sports drinks are only good if you are an athlete and only drink half of a bottle! The sugar levels are very high in those and the calories will just erase everything you worked off. The water enhancer companies make sports variations. They have electrolytes and B vitamins in them. If you absolutely need a sports drink consider using Mio Sport, or the store sport brand variation water enhancer. Then get your refillable container add the water enhancer and drink away.

Am I over or under hydrated?

How do you know you are dehydrated? Your mouth feels dry, your eyes, your skin all indicators. You feel dizzy, like you just went around in a merry go round. Your urine is dark yellow or orange, brown is blood get checked! Lighter yellow to light yellow is perfect! A good thing about proper hydration if you are constipated it helps to relieve that. Also if you have lower back pain above your hips and off to either side, that is your kidneys! They hurt when they are working too hard, that is a sign you need more water. This is even more critical if you are a kidney transplant receiver, since you only have one kidney. This also is true for those that donate kidneys and only have one left. Watch for that back pain if the pain is extreme go to your doctor. The pain should only be mild, if you feel poking or stabbing also see your doctor this could be kidney stones.

How do I know I am over hydrated? You are urinating much more frequently. The urine is very light yellow if not clear. You see over urinating is just as bad it pulls the moisture from your body much faster and takes out the electrolytes and sodium. Also if your stools are runny you need to lessen your water intake. If this solves the problem you are fine, if it continues see the doctor! For those that are diabetic over hydrating will run the sugar and protein out of your system. If you have your diabetes under control this will screw with your sugar levels and drop them. For those that are newly diagnosed or in denial it keeps you from dying from hyperglycemia. Where your sugars have skyrocketed yes that can kill you! The right level of hydration will keep your sugar levels steady, and keep the sugar from crystallizing in your kidneys and eyes.

You see water is extremely important not just for us. It is also what animals and plants need. You would not want your dog to go without fresh water you should not be doing so either. Also remember if you plan to go for a walk or be outside carry water with you, for both yourself and Fido. After all if you are thirsty it Is a good chance he is as well. You can find a water you like whether you are using filtered water, flavored tap water, or buying bottled water. Make sure you are drinking it! Also keep in mind when you cook with water such as soups that also adds to your water consumption level.

Written by Elizabeth R. Wheeler

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