It is known that water is the source of life. Without it, nothing life on Earth cannot long survive. Plants, animals, and man himself – everything on the planet is composed of water to a greater or lesser extent, so its great importance can hardly be overestimated. So, today I am going to speak about the importance of water detox.

If the human body receives a sufficient amount of water, all systems and organs are functioning smoothly, easy breathing and overall health is always good, and does not cause any trouble. Conversely, when the body is experiencing a shortage of water, the consequences will be very sad – from a small malaise and weakness to loss of consciousness and death.

Talking about cleansing the body, many people conjure almost torture. These are some not too pleasant for bowel cleansing procedure or need a specific diet to cleanse the blood and liver. Meanwhile, there is a way to cleanse the body and clean it every day without any effort. This cleansing is pleasant and easy. We’re talking about purifying body with water.

There are different ways of even such a simple method. This is simple cleansing with water, salt and water, and water with lemon and other additives. Let us consider each method alone.

Water detox

The importance of water in our life

What are water benefits?

  • Takes direct part in all metabolic processes.
  • Promotes lipolysis.
  • Serves as the protection of the internal organs.
  • Convert eaten food into energy.
  • Helps to cleanse the body.
  • Displays toxins.
  • It nourishes the body with vitamins cells, minerals and salts.
  • Maintains optimum body temperature.
  • Facilitates the process of respiration, moistening the incoming oxygen.

Water diet

The main essence of the water diet is that you will need to drink water every day in sufficient quantity. It would seem easier cannot be, but in reality it is not so. After all, if you remember, and analyze your typical day, many are beginning to realize that they drink very little water, and some have limited exclusively, tea, coffee and sweet soda, juices, milk – in short, anything but not with clean drinking water. And to change this habit, believe me, will not be so easy.

If you are determined to lose weight with water, in the very first place you will need to calculate your daily rate of water consumption. And this is done very simply. Your weight in kilograms should be multiplied by forty. For example, if your weight is seventy kilos, that on the day you need to drink about 2800 ml. of clean drinking water. Once again I will focus on the fact that water cannot be replaced by any other liquids. Water can be melt, spring, filtered; the main thing that it does not contain impurities and gases. So, after all the necessary calculations are carried out, you can start a diet.

The principles of water diet:

  • Every morning you should begin not with coffee, but with a glass of water. That is, you wake up, immediately drink a glass of water, and only then begin to go about your usual business – wash, going, eat breakfast. Drink water in the morning on an empty stomach, you need to run all the metabolic processes that awaken your body and restore moisture balance.
  • During the day, you have to drink your entire water norm. Due to this your digestive system is constantly active in working order, and obsessive hunger disappears. Note that if you actively exercise or pass water diet under the summer heat, the daily rate of water should be increased.
  • Drinking water must be not just a hit or miss, but on a certain schedule. Firstly, forget to wash down food or drink immediately after a meal. This is simply unacceptable, because drinking a meal, you are breaking the digestive process. All eaten begins to rot in the stomach, it starts the fermentation process – hence there is indigestion, flatulence, bloating, and constipation. Accordingly, when the food is not digested and converted into energy, and rot in your body, then everything is going to end sooner or later, in certain places. You need to drink before the meal and reception in two or three hours after it. Remember that meat and other products containing in its composition a large number of animal protein are digested much longer than carbohydrate-containing foods, and therefore after them need to wait about four hours before you drink the water.
  • During the entire water diet you will need to completely eliminate coffee, black tea, alcohol, concentrated juices, carbonated beverages. All of them are washed out of the body from the water and drain it, except that they contain a huge amount of completely useless and empty calories. Replace these drinks with pure water; in addition to this you can drink green tea, herbal teas and fresh juices in small amounts. In that case, if you are not possible without your morning cup of coffee, you can it afford only on the condition that after it you drink 200 ml. of water.
  • Do not try to cram water violently. It will not bring any results, and the only constant will spoil your mood. Drink small sips, feel the taste of water, pour it in a beautiful wine glasses and wine glasses, constantly think about the fact that with every sip of your body is filled with energy, rejuvenates, becomes stronger, the skin is smoothed, and the extra weight go once and for all. Turn ordinary drinking water into a real ritual that will bring you real pleasure and enjoyment.
  • In that case, if all this fails, and you cannot support only one type of water, then it is not necessary to force your body. Perhaps you should choose for yourself some other diet that is easier to carry, and as a result bring more benefits and results.
  • Duration of water diet depends entirely on you, but, in general, its developers voiced a period of one month. Many people, after the passage of the diet, and they achieve the desired result, and continued in ordinary life to adhere to basic principles of it. That is, they are already used to consume the necessary amount of water and could not do without it.

Cleansing the body with clean water

It is known that the human body consists at the two thirds of water. The children are an even greater percentage of liquid. And because people every day lose water in the form of sweat, urine, with a chair, and then to fill the volume of water is needed daily, drinking at least 2 liters.

Cleansing the body of water is simple. Getting up in the morning, you should drink a glass of tap water; it is desirable to very cold. The water should be boiled, since it is not absorbed by the intestine. Moreover, it should also clean drinking ordinary water throughout the day. No tea, coffee, and especially carbonated drinks can replace it. A warm drink is quickly absorbed the intestines, and with it, and those substances which are there.

It is also necessary to remember this moment. The water that we drink in the morning is derived from our body and cleanses it. Then the water and other liquid drunk in the evening are retained in the body and cause swelling.

To cleanse the body, you should drink two glasses of cold water immediately after waking up and in the next two hours to drink 2-3 glasses of water with honey. Take honey in the rate of 1 tsp for a glass of water. Then, before lunch, there need only vegetables and fruits to facilitate the intestine.

The mixture of chopped greens with cold water will be a benefit. This will clear the bowels and the entire body better than a variety of herbal teas and herbs to cleanse the bowel.

Water for health

Start your morning with a glass of water!

Cleansing the body with salt water

Cleansing the body of salt water is used when some of its functions are depressed and need to recover in a short time. Studies show that the body of modern man suffers from significant dehydration. And since the cell is two-thirds of the water, it changes its structure. Drinking tea, coffee, juices and a variety of water of unknown origin only exacerbates the problem.

And in such cases, cleansing the body with salt water significantly helps. When the cell is dehydrated, it begins to change its shape and shrink in size. It begins to be expressed in pressure jumps, the emergence of various tumors in the body, etc. And at the moment when the cell is changed, ordinary water cannot penetrate it. It helps only to add salt.

The saline solution to cleanse the body provides an invaluable service. With its help of a cell filled with a liquid and begins to function in its normal mode.

But the cleansing of the body salt is not as simple as it seems at first glance. In its application it is necessary to follow a diet. There is not a specific diet; you only have to observe the rules of proper nutrition. Sweets are not there, you can allow yourself only natural (dried fruits, berries, honey), eliminate animal proteins, fatty foods, foods high in carbohydrates. Alcohol is also excluded, as it contributes to dehydration.

Thus, you begin to clear your body of salt water. For starters you should count daily amount of water. To this you should weigh and per kilogram take 30 mg of water. That is, if your weight is 70 kg, your daily dose will be 2.1 liter. For now it is enough, but in consequence the amount of water should be increased. The daily dose of salt in the early days should be 7-10 g

To cleanse the body take an ordinary rock salt coarse grinding. Cleaning can be carried out in three ways:

  • Drink water and then 30 mg of water to dissolve a little salt and drink a solution.
  • Dissolve the salt in a large amount of water and drink the solution. The salt concentration should not be greater than the usual soup.
  • Drink water, and put salt on the tongue and suck.

In the early days of cleansing it can be quite difficult. It may appear swelling or headache. Clean stop in any case is impossible, but after 5-7 days the symptoms will pass and the effectiveness of the procedure will appear.

During the period of cleansing with salt water it is necessary to give the body a serious exercise. Do not be afraid and increased load on the kidneys. This method of cleaning helps to restore the cells of all organs. You just need to be patient while your body does not adjust to the new diet.

Cleansing the body of salt water should be an average of six months. But you will feel the first results within a few weeks of this practice. Clears the skin, ease appears to be improving the appearance and start losing excess weight.

Cleansing the body of clay and lemon water

Cleansing process with the clay water should be carried out in several courses at 3 weeks, between which do a week break.

  • Take a dessert spoon of purified clay and dissolve it in a glass of cold water. Drink it fast enough.
  • People with a strong osteoporosis are recommended to take a tablespoon per cup of water.
  • Drink clay water should be on an empty stomach 2-3 times a day.

You can cleanse the body with the water with lemon juice. For this it is necessary to squeeze the juice of one lemon and dissolve it in 1 liter of water. Drinking this water should be during the day, and the first cup of fasting after sleep.

As you can see, water detox is the best method of detoxification. Drink water and stay healthy!


Written by Elizabeth R. Wheeler

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