Today’s article will be focused on the most valuable and useful substances on Earth – water. We all know that water is the basis of all vital processes in the human body, and because of it was born and is still supported life on our planet.

So give some attention to this issue, as “water benefits for the human body,” we just have to – not so much because of curiosity, how more of the banal sense of duty.

The role of water in human life

So, what does water do for our body? We are all still at school, it is known that the human body is 80% water, and all the vital processes in our body take place only if there is a sufficient content of this substance.

Interesting fact: if a person loses water of up to 8% by weight of his body, he falls into a semiconscious state; if this figure reaches 10%, a person begins to pursue hallucinations, as dramatically increases the likelihood of heart failure; the loss of 12% water, death is inevitable.

Also water has an important place in history: all the ancient cities and settlements were built along rivers, lakes and ponds, in the general vicinity of a permanent source of clean water.

Today, water use is difficult to overestimate: we use it not only for drinking and cooking, but also actively spend in the medical, scientific and industrial purposes.

As you can see, a substance containing a two hydrogen molecules and one of oxygen (remember the school chemistry course), is the basis for the origin and maintenance of any form of life on our planet.


Drink more water!

Water scarcity

As a rule, a lack of water in the body, most of us do not even know, but it’s only as long as the symptoms begin to appear basic (which we will discuss later).

The fact is that in most cases our brains instead of thirst signal, sends a signal to the famine, and we thought it was time to eat, give in to this false sense (without knowing the basic rules of food intake and unaware of what should be make advance nutrition menu).

To distinguish these two feelings [of hunger and thirst] is very simple: drink a glass of water and see if you want to eat in 10 minutes. And there is no need to conduct any research and involve scientific staff.

But on the other hand consider this: when did you quench thirst plain with simple drinking water? Most likely, we will drink a cup of coffee, tea, or simply a glass of soda, but not plain water. But precisely because of such seemingly insignificant and trivial moments and develops the overall picture: over time, begin to appear chronic headaches, chronic fatigue manifests, etc.

Some words about the symptoms. Dehydration leads not only to headaches and fatigue, but also to:

  • the emergence of constipation (very often we deal with this problem to the doctor who prescribes without too much thought, some laxatives course, but that would be the problem disappeared by itself is only adhere to the correct drinking regime, and nothing else);
  • Depression (due to dehydration by the body have to “borrow” some of the vital resources for cleaning the body of metabolic waste, will not go into the details and remit spent with the body antioxidants, because the meaning is clear: instead of their normal water should be used);
  • lethargy (occurs as a result of deteriorating blood supply to the brain);
  • inattention and disturbed sleep (and you cannot even think about what would have to sleep quickly).

A whole bunch of problems that can be avoided very simply; without the need of medical care and without spending a lot of money on medicines.

The benefits for the human body

Now let us speak about water benefits and properties. What does water do for our body? Today, more and more people, wanting to relieve fatigue, resort to the help of warm or contrast shower, pour cold water, sore feet, taking a bath, soar in the bath … The list goes on and on, but the bottom line, I think you clear: water allows us to maintain the purity of body and mind throughout the day, and gives us the energy boost, which in full is enough for 24 hours.

However, this is not all that it is capable of. For example, water use for the body manifests itself in other points:

  • It effectively burns fat and helps to increase muscle (the fact that the metabolism slows during dehydration, which in turn slows down the process of transformation of fat into energy, and the amino acids in the protein);
  • It helps to cleanse the body and eliminate dangerous toxins from it (sufficient water level is the key to stable operation of the kidney, which perform the role of a kind of “filter” in the body);
  • It helps to fight obesity (if you do not understand what I mean, then I will explain: any drink (especially carbonated), even if it is clear and marked “light” on the label contains calories, while water can boast of this calorie-free );
  • It improves the skin condition (not only external hydration and nutrition (for example, showers), but also the interior has a significant impact on the youth and elasticity of the skin);
  • It helps to “lubricate” the joints (as it is part of the lubricants that ensure full operation of all the joints);
  • It provides activities and support vitality (as noted earlier, even a slight dehydration can lead to chronic fatigue, weakness and headache).

Ten reasons to drink water

What does water do for our body

Drink more water!

  • Water rejuvenates the skin. It is proved that the daily consumption of drinking water has a beneficial effect on skin cells, preventing dry water “feeds” the skin from the inside. So, think about whether to spend the money on new-fangled means of moisturizing the skin.
  • Water removes toxins. Scientists believe that the normal activity of the kidneys, provides the right amount of water consumed by man clean. As is well known, the kidneys are the body’s natural filter, and the water removes toxins from the blood system, with a greater degree, it is through the kidneys.
  • Water reduces the risk of heart attack. Experts in the field, “Affairs of the heart”, are claiming that five glasses of pure water you drink during the day reduce the risk of heart attack up to seventy percent.
  • Water is a natural lubricant for joints. It is proved that the lack of water in the body can cause muscle spasms. Water is the main component, the formation of “lubricant” of the material joints and muscles. To prevent muscle cramps during exercise, we recommend the use of water before and after exercise.
  • Water restores energy. Just imagine that for a day when breathing, etc. we lose about ten cups of fluid. How does the body water loss, I think there is no need to explain? Dehydration causes not only the headache, and muscle spasm. Loss of water makes us irritable and affects the concentration. Conclusion: The water is essential for the normal functioning of all organs and systems of the body.
  • Water in necessary for digestion. The water is absolutely necessary for normal digestion. Water not only prevents constipation but also displays “waste” life of the organism, in addition, it is involved in all processes of chemical digestive tract, helping to deliver nutrients and remove “their end-of.”
  • Water reduces the risk of infectious diseases. Lack of water is a direct path to dehydration and dehydration leads to a huge “hole” in the immune system. Immunosuppression leads to the fact that we get sick more often, and the transmission of infectious diseases harder.
  • Water regulates body temperature. Water as a thermostat, operates in the body about how the engine cooling system in a car. In other words, the body is heated, for example, after the exercise, requires reducing the liquid, and this is drinking water.
  • Water burns fat. And it is true. Look, if you take into account the energy-intensive process, which is, for example, the formation of muscle tissue. The more calories burned, the more water is required in the process because the surface via the sweat glands and the sweat pores are not only liquid comes out and toxins, but also the fat.
  • Water improves overall health. Remember the phrase of the doctor at the bedside of ARI “drink plenty of fluids.” As mentioned earlier, the water affects the body as an antipyretic agent also displays any “stuff” from the body.

So, drink water to your health! Just remember: an adult organism can absorb no more than 120 ml of water for 10 minutes. Drink in favor, and do not overdo it!

Some important conclusions

Drink water on an empty stomach (at night, our body loses a lot of fluid, because most of the processes are still ongoing (though not as active as in the afternoon), and water then is not received, which is why a glass of clean water, received in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast is able to compensate for all losses and significantly improve digestion);

Do not try to drink at one time or drink “volley” (this can not only lead to high blood pressure, but also to other unpleasant consequences, it is best to put a glass near her and “sip water” gradually throughout the day);

Drink one hour before a meal, but not after (after all, even a few sips, committed immediately after a meal, can reduce the concentration of gastric juice, which significantly complicates the process of digestion. Better drink after 1.5-2 hours after a meal).

Well, here we briefly got acquainted with such a vital matter as water. Hopefully, the information presented in the article was interesting and useful for you, and now you are armed with the newly acquired knowledge, can easily improve your life for the better and get rid of many troubles and diseases.


Written by Elizabeth R. Wheeler

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