Today I want to speak about weight los water. What better than water satisfies the body’s need for fluid? Indeed, water is not only the source of all life on Earth, but also a substance which is essential to the existence of a single body. Lack of water immediately affects the general human condition: increased fatigue, headaches become more frequent and severe, and subsequently deteriorating condition of skin and hair.

Even if the water shortage is negligible and amounted to only 10%, the intensity of elimination from the body metabolism is reduced, disrupted the activities of the nervous system products. Prolonged dehydration changes the mental state of a man oppressed by all the vital functions of the body which can go into convulsions and even coma happens. Completely devoid of water, people will live no longer than 5-7 days.

How much water is there in a person?

Water makes up two of the three parts of the human body:

  • Bone: 22% water;
  • Muscle and brain: 75% water;
  • In the blood: 92% water;
  • Gastric juice: 99% water.

Weight loss water has so many functions in our body. It controls the temperature and body weight, gives the cells nutrients and excretes decomposition products and slag dissolves mineral salts, water is also involved in breathing, it facilitates the absorption of nutrients by the body and converts food to energy.

Weight loss water

Drink water and weight loss!

Scientific researchers have found that drinking enough water helps to reduce joint pain and back pain. It helps to reduce blood cholesterol levels, normalize blood pressure and reduce excess weight. And the fact that the water contains salt helps it to easily excrete from the body.

Functions of water in the body

There are a lot of important functions of water in our body:

  • Body fluid saturation,
  • Transport of nutrients to the cells,
  • Revitalization of the work of all organs and systems,
  • Control of body temperature,
  • Control of body weight,
  • Withdrawal from the body decay products, toxins – the more water you drink per day, the more toxins disappear.
  • It helps to dissolve mineral salts.
  • Water helps the process of respiration,
  • Water helps to convert eaten food into energy,
  • Water assists the body in the assimilation of nutrients.

Weight loss water cannot be removed from the diet, because it is necessary for the good functioning of all organs and body systems. But pay attention:  you cannot drink water after eating, because it stretches the stomach walls.

An adult should consume at least 1.5 – 2 liters of water per day. But not soda and sweet water, because of this, the body feels hunger.

Without the use of water it is impossible to intensify the process of metabolism, parched person cannot work well, because there is no normal energy transfer. With a deficit of water in the body the cell membrane passes nutrients badly and slowly, making the waste released into the lymph.

Recently, it has been found that if a person consumes a lot of liquid, then it decreases back pain and joint pain. It decreases blood cholesterol level which returns to normal blood pressure.

Water helps a person to lose weight

In the US, the study was conducted by Virginia Polytechnic Institute, the results of which showed that water helps to lose weight, especially if you drink a glass of water half an hour before meals.

Also, water, besides other advantages, creates a feeling of fullness due to the fullness of the stomach, therefore, you want to eat a little.

Typically, the average adult drinks and liquid food consumes 1.2 liters per day of water, accounting for 48% of the daily norm. Another 40% of the daily requirement (about a liter) of water enters the body with food. It is useful to know that the bread contains about 50% water, cereals – 80%, meat – about 58-67%, fish – about 70%, and in fruits and vegetables, water is almost 90%. Summarizing, it can be said that the liquid food does not consist of 50-60% water. Interestingly, about 300 ml of water (3%) is produced in the body as a result of biochemical processes.

However, water not only enters the body, but leaves it. Within one day of about 1.2 liters of water discharged through the kidneys, and 0.85 l – in the form of sweat during respiration – 0.32 liter and 0.13 liter – via the intestine. In general, it turns out that one day at a moderate temperature of the human body is allocated an average of 2.5 liters (10 cups) of water in hot weather, this figure increases to 4-5 liters.

The required amount of weight loss water of each person depends on his physical activity, body, health and climate, but the average is about 6-7 cups (2 liters) per day.

Water drink

A glass of water every day!

The mineral composition of the water is also important, as drink and cook food in the fresh water is recommended. Water containing a large amount of mineral salts (mineral) is typically used for therapeutic feeding and consumed in large quantities; it can lead to an imbalance of minerals.

You need to follow some guidelines to correct your drinking regime:

  • If you are overweight drink more fluids: 1 cup for every 20 kg of excess weight.
  • Remember that nicotine, caffeine and alcohol contribute to dehydration.
  • In hot weather, you need to drink water before you go out, and if you exercise – before, during and after them.
  • If, after the sleep you drink a glass of water, the liquid will help to cleanse the body.
  • It is best to drink water an hour before and after eating, because it will contribute to the dilution of the gastric juices.
  • The more protein in the diet, the more you need to drink water.
  • Drinking water should be slightly chilled, so it is better to be acquired by the body.
  • Breastfeeding women need more water.
  • Increase the amount of consumed water should be in the cold season, when there is low humidity in aircraft and other stuffy rooms, with an increase temperature of the body and disease.

What are the effects of fluid deficiency in the body? They are very serious.

  • frequent severe headaches,
  • severe fatigue,
  • deterioration condition of the hair and skin,
  • loss of elasticity of the skin,
  • pale and sickly.

When you are dehydrated, the nervous system is broken; you are often irritable, nervous.

If there is a severe dehydration of the body, then severe mental disorders develop, convulsions may occur. If the human body is completely dehydrated, he dies.

So, as you see, we cannot live without water. Water means health and life. Drink more water and be healthy!



Written by Elizabeth R. Wheeler

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